Asteroid Blues


Throughout the campaign you have the ability through your own and others actions to earn achievements, gather XP and increase your rank.

Just a few of the hundreds of achievements you can unlock!

Click here to view the complete list of achievements. As you can see there are many ways in which you can earn achievements, each giving you XP, for carrying out different activities during the campaign.

For example:

  • Publishing multiple reports for each theatre (regardless of result)
  • Creating and replying to topics in your faction’s briefing room
  • Commenting on other commander’s battle reports
  • Receiving high ratings
  • Receiving multiple commendations

Those last two points work best when you have created detailed battle reports with an interesting write-up, great photos, a video chronicling the battle, and maybe even uploaded the army lists used.
Creating and publishing battle reports like these gets you extra XP as well so it is worth taking the time. See the Improving Your Battle Report section for further details.

To view your current rank, XP, and achievements earned visit your My Command page.

My Command is the hub for many actions

In short, the best way to earn achievements and boost your rank is to make great battle reports and engage with your fellow commanders in your faction’s briefing room, as well as in the comment sections of battle reports.


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