Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

I'm sure I saw it back here somewhere

VS PanOceania

Having tried and failed before, the Nomad team return keen for some form of revenge. The leadership was still inexperienced on both sides. The PanOceania team would go first, having set a cordon around the main comms tower for the area. The Father-Knight would lead the team, seeking to show their determined by destroying enemies through a coup de grace, rather than allowing them to flee and like their wounds. The Paramedic carried with him the new experimental drug, LIFE-0 (guaranteed to get you back up on at least one leg).

PanOceania Firebase

One decapitation, coming up!

The Nomads pre-planning paid off, and the PanOceania team were slow to react. [4 Command Tokens spent to reduce that order pool] Yet the Nomads, seemed to have made a crucial error - their Lieutenant - clearly identified through comms traffic, was exposed towards the rear of the battlefield.
Judging the angles correctly, the Akal Commando dived in - giving their opponents time to react before they managed to put a couple of bursts into the Nomad Team leader and her bodyguard.

View from Nomads Tower Block

Well if dropping from the sky was the thing to do, then it only seemed polite to do the same. The Hellcat managed to land in a spot just out of the immediate line of fire. Heading towards the PanOceania Father Knight, the armoured titan from the last encounter, she lay down fire across the group of Fusiliers.
The shooting was spectacular. bullets flew everywhere and hit... not a thing. What was wrong, was the air on this ice-berg a little thin? Was this putting everyone off. Moving and shooting, she eventually lined up a shot on the Father Knight who turned and dispatched her in one turn.

Intruder Alert!

The camouflaged intruder moved to take out the Akal Commando, the exchange of fire was accurate on one side and the commando dropped.
Now it was up to the Missile Launcher, perched on the edge of the tower block. Failure in the last encounter was soon banished by a shot that changed the battle. Knocking out a Fusilier and Black Friar, with one shot the mission turned. Fire back was ineffective from the PanOceania HMG.
Finally, the Father-Knight stormed into the conflict knocking out the Reverend Healer and Wildcat blocking the firing allies. But had he ran out of time?

PanOceania Father-Knight storms forward

The PanOceania HMG opened up, hoping to disrupt the Nomads firebase. It didn't work, the Fusilier knocked out in the exchange of fire. The field was now clear.
Hacking is apparently an art form and not a science. So are dice rolls. When you find you ARM 5 locked down by a quick Gotcha! attack, well, never leave base without installing the latest software updates. The FK was left watching adverts for the latest top notch products and the mission fell apart around him.
The Nomad paramedics and doctors, sprang into action. Reviving the Reverend Healer and the missions original leader. The PanOceania HVTm a Haqqislam trade delegate, was inoculated and the team roughly back up to scratch. One attempt to finish the FK had no affect and by then it was too late...

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One Comment

  • Zorda says:

    We’re still struggling with some of the rules and a lot happens that is a bit of a surprise. I didn’t realise Father-Knights had 9 BTS, but when you roll a one to fend it off, other than that my goose was cooked.