Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Closing time at Baijing

VS PanOceania
San Stefano

The bartender called last round. Lt. Jones looked up from his cup, staring in front of him. This were a long couple of weeks and Commander (General now) Wiggs drove him to breaking point. No amount of R&R was enough. Jones started as a rookie but this man sitting in the club at Beijing Orbital was a grizzled veteran. One more job. Appearantly his men were getting ill. Too much partying? Of was it? Pan-O had captured the source (An autherized callgirl).
The next day Jones hardly rubbed the sleep from his eyes as bolt came charging in. Heavy fire was coming, but his drilled team reacted accordingly. Only the taskmaster took a bit of a beating. The rest managed to halt their advance.

Kusanagi took her team forward, while her custodier adjusted targeting on the Reaction zond. She also launched whitenoise to prevent the Aguila from shooting them. The reaction zond saw it's chance and moved up the walkway into the whitenoise zone. However the warcor manage to stun the remote (Fake news! ;)). Kusanagi herself stepped into the breach and attacked the Aguila with the whitenoise as cover, wounding him. Moving further a Swiss guard apeared who managed to wound Kusanagi. The advance halted. The Taskmaster and the Moderator both tried to break the Swiss' hold but both got turned into red mist for trying. In a derparate attempt while wiping the bloodspray from her face the moderators managed to launch 2 repeaters towards the bolts and swiss guard.

The bolts regrouped and now with much of their opposition gone, they had more freedom movement. The paramedic managed to revive his spitfire wielding colleage, while the hacker shrugged off multiple hacking attacks. The spitfire bolt went on a spree even pushing back Kusanagi (which also alowed her to escape the LOS with the swiss guard. Which was put down by repetative HMG fire from the enhenched Reaction Zond.

Multiple hack attemps from both the Custodier and Moderator left both in a coma, while their target, the bolt hacker, shrugged of any succesfull attempt and responded with hacking headshots. This freed the Swiss and lt. Jones started to sweat. The reverant healer attempted to revive her commerade but (even with reroll!) realized it was too late for the Custodier.
A Hexa appeared and took down the surprised Sin-eater but got shot down by the Reaction Zond in return. The swis, finally free a the danger of being hacked saw his uppertunity and engaged the Zond and got mowed down. The bolt hacker took a sprint and tried to scan one of the moderator, failed and got shot down by the same zond.

With only a few options and limited time left Lt. Jones ordered his paramedic to revive the moderator hacker, but failing he returned his attention on the right flank. The Reaction Zond engaged the Aquila, who didn't stand a chance. On 'Go' the reverend Healer took a sprint towards her target and only optional objective. If she couldn't safe her custodier friend she would find a cure for the men. The callgirl looked up in shock as the Healer grabbed her and sampled her bloodwork.

Last order, only objective scored succesfully

Two days later a cure was spread and a vaccine was created, which was widely spread accross the Human Sphere. The STD was named Kawaii Disease, but an epidemic was prevented.

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