Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Combined Alien Defence

Combined Army
VS Tohaa

Combined Army repulsed the Tohaa force.
Ko Dali eliminated one TO infiltrator and MSV2 sniper, but fell, slain by a stray bullet of a partner infiltrator. Then couple shrouded and malignos mined the center of the table and switched on the suppression fire mode.
Tohaa landed air forces. The paratrooper with HMG removed the shrouded and attempted to kill Umbra Legate, but failed. Then turn on suppression fire. TO infiltrator wounded Umbra Legate, but failed to fiinish him, and appeared in close combat with the evil alien.
But suppressing fire didn't save paratrooper from Skiavoros and his sepsitor. Umbra Legate take down his opponent and moved to the the enemy deployment zone. There he destroyed the engineer and stayed in the zone of the hacker device from the enemy lieutenant HI.
Enemy lieutenant use some dirty Tohaa pokemon and slip out from the trap. Then killed Umbra Legate and prepared to defend home console.
Skiavoros plasma clear the way for Ikadron. And bot used some fire to clear nasty HI lieutenant, but he was too quick. So malignos lurk in suicide attempt to reach the console, hacked it and fell because of nanobots swarm.
CA win 7-0 with some luck and extra 25 points.

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