Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The Case of La Forjas Sunset

VS Ariadna

The fight turns into a race with the Ariadnans to get the last evidence on the Shasvastii Smuggling. Aleph and Ariadna going head to head for the last time on the Wotan Commercial Legation.

The Caledonians sets their whole army up to intercept the Machaon team, hoping to crush their advance with overwhelming firepower. The spitfire Myrmidon has a lot of targets in one go and takes out a Volunteer and wounding the Wulver with T2 rifle and the Highlander Grey. But he himself is killed by a lucky shot from Isobel. The TR-Bot takes over and ends the Highlander grey. Opening up the firelane a bit. For now it is only rifles that face the Aleph. The Myrmidon Hacker takes point and ends Isobel.

The Wulver decides to dodge and bail with his team mate, move around the building and take out the Tr-Bot on the star hotel. They move in closer on Machaon's team to guard the volunteers and come in better range with the heavy shotgun. While the volunteer luitenant lays suppresive fire to protect herself.

Then a Massive blasting firefight erupts. Machaon team move up with the Chainrifle Myrmidon taking point. He blasts the wulvers, but gets hit by the heavy shotgun. Its blast hitting the Myrmidon hacker behind him. The T2 Wulver comes away unscathed, but the Heavy Shotgun Wulver is wounded. On the other hand both Myrmidons are knocked unconcious.

Machaon attacks the Wulvers, but the T2 Wulver Dodges away, while the combirifle shots rake the Shotgun Wulver to death. So the T2 Wulver decides to pull out a grenade and chuck it over the building to where Machaon is. Blowing him to pieces and ending the Aleph force.

The Website has turned into a potato and it is almost impossible to give every picture some text and explanation. So apologies for dumping the pics and some description about how the battle went. I lost tekst because of the site crashing and it took a while to even get this tekst in.

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