Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The Case of the crossing Investigations

VS Ariadna

In the last moments of the Conflict, the Aleph needs to get things done when it comes to the Nomads. But in their approach towards the Wotan Commercial Legation, they see the Ariadnans also approaching the ship. They send their small taskforce in to intercept.

The Wulvers have noticed the approach of the Aleph and start to take out their TR drone, to clear their part and gain ground on the Wotan Commercial Legation. They will stay put and hold their position, while the Highlander grey and her volunteers move up. She takes out the Myrmidon Spitfire, rocking the boat entirely for the Aleph.

The Myrmidon Hacker takes point and ends the Highlander Grey, moves in with Machaon's team and take down Isobel as well. But Machaon miscalculates and passes in sights of the Wulver with T2 Rifle. His lucky shot ends Machaon. And the Hacker gets knocked out by a Volunteer.

This leaves only one Myrmidon who somehow has no luck with the scots. The Ariadnans conquer the most terrain and the battle has ended in their favor.

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