Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Fusilier Vendy on Mission in - Manga Report

VS Nomads


This was a three player game with 300 points - one mandatory TAG - for each player. Nomads vs Yu Jing vs PanOceania. This is the report describing mainly the actions between Nomads and Yu Jing. So we played on “neutral” territory - Tohaa Area - and the mission was BIOTECHVORE (TOP TIER) (BOARDING VERSION).

We started as usual with the WI role of our Lt.
The winner chooses/defines the deployment zones for every player.
The second one chooses/defines order of deployment for every player
The third one chooses/defines order of initiative for every player


The Nomads arrived with a strong fireteam combined with their Lunokhod with two CrazyKoalas. A big airborne team of four was waiting outside to participate in the second round. The fireteam was deployed agressively in particial cover with ther nearby TAG.

PanOceania deployed a small but fine fireteam of three consisting of a Paramedic, HMG, LGL. The Squalo was equipped with a HGL. This set of template weapons should later help against the Nomad fireteam. By the was a Warcor was brought in to document the action of the rare CrazyKoalas - BUT - nature is cruel. The Warcor and documentation didn’t survive - so we can’t give any insight how this rare diprotodontia behave. The Deva hacker and his speciality “brain blast” did his job really well - even through walls. Starting second all troopers tried to hide as best and as far - from Nomad’s fireteam and CrazyCoala - they can.

The Battle

In first round the Nomads stated their actions against the Yu Jing - so not much to do for PanO. PanO stayed in cover while the Nomads were acting.

In the active turn of PanO the Squalo with his Multi-HMG saw his chance to have his big strike. In companion with a HMG remote the could position against the Nomad TAG and a long fire exchange started. Finally the PanO TAG lost two structure points BUT with the help of the REM they were lucky to KILL the Nomad TAG. Yeaaaaah!

Since then the PanO tactic was to save living points - not very interesting but effective to win the battle.


Missed all the classified objectives but killing a Nomad TAG was sufficient for winning this battle.

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