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Mission on 闪枪 - Manga Report

VS Nomads

The Manga (Story)

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Army List - Nomads JCC - Transmission Matrix 200pt
Army List - PanOceania NCA - Transmission Matrix 200pt

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Initial Deployment

Initial Deployment: PanOceania NCA vs Nomads JCC

Near Wotan Jump Gate ...
... late at night. On board of the Exo Affairs Department Orbase of the Wotan Jump Gate in a secret office of Hexahedron - the intelligence agency of PanOceania’s High Command.

Situation (in short):
Shasvastii: failed infiltration attempt
Nomad: revealed a Nomad smuggling network
Yu Jing: avenge events on Flamia Island

impending invasion of Combined Army using gate to Svalarheima

Dominate Transmission Matrix on board of 闪枪

Lt. Sigvarda

Axilia: … so your mission was to
dominate the area round the antennas!!! You should have taken care - you have been warned that your troup could get hacked without any trouble by the Nomads within this Transmission Matrix!

Auxilia: What was going on Lt. Sigvarda ?!?

Lt. Sigvarda: I – Lt. Sigvarda - was ordered to the hangar of SYGTIR-2 – the main orbital weapon platform - for a mission breefing of this top secret mission. Lieutenant Pete Mitchell introduced that …

Lt. Pete Mitchell: … the Nomads have entered the 闪枪. As soon as you position your troops you may get under fire.

Lt. Sigvarda: You mean we have to position in cover and dodge to save our a.. .

Lt. Pete Mitchell: Take all troopers you can find to build up your team in a hurry. We’ll transfer you over to 闪枪.

Lt. Sigvarda: We need a hacker, a fast REM and the assistance of an invasive trooper with drop bears! and this will be a mission for Engineer Vendy and Fusilier Bob !

Lt. Pete Mitchell: This sound like a plan! Don‘t forget the Doctor!

Lt. Sigvarda: The Doc is in trauma therapy - hope she will be back soon. Meanwhile Bipandra can stand in as proxy for the Doc.

On board of 闪枪. The Nomads arrived first. They were one step ahead us so they were able to choose the better positions and started …

Lt. Sigvarda: Thought that a bit of fire of two auxbots would be fine to „BBQ“ their fireteam – so we came with the funky Auxilias - - - but this here is open terrain. Shit happens!

Lt. Sigvarda: Hacker Attack from the Nomads!!!

Engineer Vendy: TheNomads have a Mercenary Hacker on their side? Is this Valeria Gromez?

Fusilier Bob: Vaeria normally doesn’t work for the Normads. What’s going on here? Hmmm ... is this a Shasvastii Inpersonator?

Fusilier Bob: Brain Blast! Yeah! Nomad hacker roasted! Another attack is comming in form a second Nomad Hacker! Brain Blast again!?! Brain Blast!

... and Fusilier Bob falls unconscious
Immediately the doctor remote came nearby to heal Fusilier Bob BUT before that the Nomads Fireteam and all their troopers had line of fire to the remote BUT the remote survived like in a miracle!

Bipandra: Dignosis - Brain Blast. What a pitty. We realy need him – he’s the only hacker around!
Sh.t - Usage of the Medikit didn’t work to recover Fusilier Bob from unconscious! Just one more try!
One more try! One more try!

Lt. Sigvarda: Come on - we are running out of command resources!

Bipandra: Finally got it! Bob is alive!

Pano was paying a realm to reanimate their one and only hacker. Why Lt. Sigvarda didn’t bring a backup hacker? Why the hell THEN the revitalized hacker didn’t try to reset the immobilized REM? Is she cooperating with the Nomads?

Lt. Sigvarda: Bipandra is an Indigo Spec Op. - but she sure as hell doesn't act like it.

Engineer Vendy: She wanted to be a journalist, her parents wanted her to be a neurosurgeon.

Lt. Sigvarda was on a party last night and the party was fine - really fine. To less sleep? She took just one hacker with the team - or have there been no more available?

Time was passing by and the situation was becoming worse and worse for the PanOcianian troopers. Meanwhile a REM was immobilized by the Nomands, a sniper uncouncios and now ...

Engineer Vendy: Auxbot come on - give fire! Why the sh.t does this Auxbot no longer work on ARO !?!

... kills an Auxilia. Can its surviving Auxbot attempt an ARO or is it already considered inactive? - The Synchronized Remote always disconnects automatically when is out of the Zone of Control, or if the Controller falls Unconscious or Dead. A disconnected Remote stands still and cannot receive Orders or perform ARO.

Fusilier Bob: Why the hell my fireteam only consists of two? I can't operate with this other guys! When do my fireteam mates arive? Only a coordinated order can help to survive our souls! Come on Lt. Sigvarda - give the command! What the hell was this nightmare? Maybe Lt. Sigvarda is cooperating with those Nomad smugglers? We lost the half of our troopers and a REM and go home now  - without waiting for the next turn to fight back?!? The nomads didn't get any scratch! Maybe the Hexaedron will have some interrest in this ...

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