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VS Haqqislam

Extract of the combat recording of Robert „Bobby“ Burden, Gecko Pilot
Note from Victor Cuevas, Starless Sky Analyst: Don't worry, Bobby is not the brightest but a good soldier and he is alwasy talking to himself all the time.

„What a wonderfull day here on our new space station Baijing!
The Lt. says we have to do patrol duty to get rid of the guys that don't belong here anymore. The Lt. is one of our two Wildcats, I can't remember which of them he is...
I like to do the patrol duty here in my trusted Gecko. Especially if I am to do it with the Alguacil. I like Alguacil, they always watch my back. We have a Clockmaker with us too. He is only here to help me out if I get in trouble.

We found some Haqqis on our new station. They don't belong here, so we will drive them back to the civilians behind them, so that they can depart with them. Our Alguacil with heavy weapons watch over us from atop of the building behind me. I will advance with the rest of the guys on the ground.

They are getting closer. Look there is an Azra'il. *ouch* That did hurt! He hit me with his Feuerbach, but he took a hit from the missle of our Alguacil. My Blitzen missed. *sniff*
Ohoh! Their hacker is advancing towards me from the left flank. Where did he come from? He is trying to take control! Hey hacker dude, need help here! Oh, nevermind. He didn't even get past the automated defence.
*hmm* Did the tree over there at the bench spit something into the air?

Hey missle dude, should I take care of that Azra'il or do you want to do that? You will? Great! I love fireworks! Boom and he is gone, that was nice.
Hey hacker dude, were are you going? Oh, sniper dude can see more of them? I have to watch on tactical. Uhh, these guys are dead. Yeah, give 'em some more shots! We don't need Naffatun or Kameels here on Baijing anymore!
Why is sniperdude hiding and missle dude fireing at the advertising panel? He really does not like advertising, does he? Ohhh, there was a Daylami hiding behind it. Well he is not anymore. *hihi* Guess that last missle on his chest did hurt alot.
Can someone take care of that hacker please? Hi Lt.! You are not the Lt., so it is the other guy then, ok. Nice shots not-Lt.-cat! Thanks for taking care of the hacker.
Hey wait for me not-Lt.-cat! Are you comming with us hacker dude? No? Ok, then I will advance with the cats alone.

Oh no! Someone from inside the central building shot down the not-Lt.-cat!
*hmm* The tree is spitting again. Oh god! It was a grenade that detonated behind me! Are you ok, hacker dude? Yes? Thats good!
This tree is scary. *ouch* The tree shot me!?! I want to get out of here.
Its shooting again!?You frigging bastard! Feel the power of my Mk12, you... Haha! Got you! *eiu* The tree is bleeding, thats weird...

Ah, the Lt.-cat is flanking them. What is he doing to that blue bus? Is that a D-charge?
Hey Clockmaker! Here to patch me up? That is nice, thank you! What do you mean with „Good job, shooting the Djanbazan through the tree!“, so the scary trees are called „Djanbazan“? Woah, don't go near it man! *puhh* He hid behind that bus, but the blue bus blew up. We are really lucky that Yu Jing was so kind to leave so many busses to hide behind or blow up on Baijing before they left.
So now you Alguacil dudes come with us? Wonderfull! Hey paramedic dude, will you tend to the not-Lt.-cat? Thats very kind of you! Oh, uhhh, he does not look very well. Are you sure he will make it? He past the border? What does that suppose to mean?
Watch that tree guys! So you want to get the one inside the central building, hacker dude? Nice shot, man, nice shot! There is not much left of that Odalisque!

Watch ou! The tree is spitting again! Oh no! He got hacker and fo dude!

I will go and smash that scary tree now! Can you tend to the wounded paramedic dude? Hmm? „Watch the Hunzakut?“ I thought the scary trees are called „Djanbazan“?


Wohoo! I did it! I managed to win my first and last game of the campaign!
Ok, I lost almost all other games, but who cares...

This was a quick 200 points game on saturday 22.07.2017.
It was our second game that day and my opponent decided to field only troops that hadn't seen any action in Strikezone Wotan. I finally managed to assemble my Alguacil with heavy weapons so I wanted to field them and to get a chance to use my Gecko Pilot.
Well my Pilot didn't get a chance to disembark but my heavy missle launcher and sniper Alguacil did very very well.

We accidently thought the Haqqis were in „Retreat!“ in their third turn, because we forgot the Bot of the Doctor, so I didn't play my third turn.

We played a version of the mission Frontline.
Nearest zone brings 1 point, central zone 2, the farthest zone 3. Every player has two classified objectives which bring 2 points each. We used the special rule Flood/Debris Area from Strikezone Wotan Phase 3.

The result was:
Objective Points: Haqqislam 0 : 8 Nomads
Army Points Remaining: Haqqislam 51 : 151 Nomads

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