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VS Haqqislam

“History is written by the victors.”

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I had no time to write a short story for this one, sorry!


We played the mission Safe Area (Wotan Version) from the Wotan Commercial Legation (Phase 3).

I managed to assemble all of my Intruders and Jaguars, so I wanted to try them out. I build the list without having any mission in mind. After we decided for this mission and I saw the table my opponent got ready for our game, I had high hopes. But the dice gods decided otherwise!
We had some really resilient troops and expert marksman on both sides. My new Intruder sniper was absolutly my Most Valued Player. He survived serveral hits, dodged a bunch of incomming speculative grenades and managed to watch over almost the entire battlefield. Unfortunatly he and my trustworthy Tomcat Doctor couldn't handle it alone. My opponent managed to secure 3 of the 4 sections.

The result was:
Objective Points: Haqqislam 5 : 0 Nomads
Army Points Remaining: Haqqislam 134 : 122 Nomads

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