Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Vigo Hotel Room Boarding action

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VS Yu Jing

So this will be my actual last Battle report in Strikezone: Wotan.

Paradur and I did play this game in the lobby of our Hotel in Vigo on an awesomely improvised table (in regards of the Nomad's toilet roll terrain challenge: social decency kind of forbids putting a worn Flip Flop on a table ;) )


no clue why one pic is upside down...

Centerline from left to right:
Bran do Castro, Spitfire Prowler, Spec-Ops Prowler

left DZ:
CRAssP Morlock

right DZ:
Rev Healer, Fireteam of: Spitfire Moderator, Moderator Paramedic, three normal Mods (one Lt.)

Paradur had a Fireteam of Keisotsus (ML, HMG, BS Kempei Paramedic) and a extra Keisotsu (Lt.) and a Shikami in the lefthand DZ.
In the righthand DZ he deployed anoter Keisotsu, Yuriko Oda and a Karakuri

1st Round

My turn
After cancelling the Morlock's impetuous order Bran rushed forward to the Keisotsu link's position. There he was able to first shoot down the HMG Keisotsu and the Paramedic while the Kempei could evade him. After recamoing he moved further to get the Kempei again without cover which ended in an unconcious Kempei and a Wound for the Shikami. After that Bran was hit by a Pistol and went unconcious while renderind the ML Keisotsu (who could see almost all of my troops in the other DZ) also unconcious. On the other side of the table the Rev. Healer moved towards the right antenna and connected it.

Paradur's turn
With coordinated orders the Karakuri, Yuriko, the right DZ's Keisotsu and the Shikami where moved to better positions and the Karakuri was able to hit my Spitfire Moderator who went unconcious. Further orders brought the Karakuri to the right antenna and in sight with the Rev. Healer who had to eat a D.E.P. and died. Afterwards the Karakuri, Shikami, Yuriko and the left DZ's Keisotsu prepared for Suppression Fire.

2nd Round

My turn
This time the Morlock used her impetuous order and was able to avoid the Shikami's Suppression Fire with smoke. Afterwards the Spec-Ops Prowler moved towards the middle antenna and connected it. Then he shot Yuriko down. My Spitfire Moderator got killed by my Paramedic and the Moderator who shot at the suppression firing Karakuri was left in a stand off with the mechanikal HI because no one hit anything. Finally the Morlock moved through her smoke screen and bestowed the Shikami with a burst of love from her Assault Pistol critically wounding him.

Paradur's turn
With the Karakuri Paradur was able to kill another Moderator and to reconnect the right antenna. The Keisotsu Lt. unsuccesfully used his own and another order to kill my Spec-Ops Prowler. With a risky move the Karakuri went into the Spec-Ops Prowler's LOF and got hlued down right in front of the middle antenna.

Due to the Raxora's strange maneuvres the world was partially turned upside down, thanks PanO!

Final Round

My turn
The Moelock couldn't dealy any damage to the Keisotsu as well due to him critically dodging. But now with his path paved the Spec-Ops Prowler advanced towards Paradur's Console conecting it after the second try. Afterwards he moved towards the enemy's HVT and preoared himself for Suppression Fire. Now the Spitfire Prowler went to action and shot the Karakuri unconcious.

Paradur's turn
With only three courageous Keisotsus left Paradur managed it to shoot my Spec-Ops Prowler uncocious and finally killing him with a coup de grace.

Game end

The game ended 5:2 to my favour with Paradur having 27 points left whilst I had 73 surviving points.

This whole report was written on my phone which turned out to be a real pain in the ass... the wifi here didn't help much either