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unexpected encounter

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toustain le blanc
VS PanOceania

Patrols around the commodule was usually a boring task. But the recent event around that nomad ship changed everythings...

here's an complete animated report:

Sneaking through the commodule, the knights began to connect many data nods to their network

But the Kazaks were prompt to react! a dire Irmandinhos rushed in the sergeants team who hold a beacon, while the kazak medic and the f-o Veteran secured their own one.

Second turn started hard for the Pan-O, with a santiago and their engineer engaged in CC by a dog warrior on turn one! But Joan joined the melee and settled the problem radically! Meanwhile the Santiago duo in the center room moved to take back the beacon lost by the sergeants.

The antipodes pack entered the game, ran to a lonely santiago,engaged him and waited for his turn. Once the first santiago threat pinned, the Veteran and a scout coordinated a strike that destroyed all remaining pan-o from the room! but the damned Santiago managed to crit my veteran with an E/M grenade!

In a desesperate attempt, Pan-O's remaining forces throwed every last force they had! Joan and the sister engineer took the central beacon and entered suppressive fire, while the last santiago rushed against my F-O Veteran, who survived the knight's rage!

Finally the pack killed the santiago, losing a member to Joan's shots in the melee. Then they turned against her and engaged close combat, but they were no match! taking advantage of Joan's engagement in CC, a brave line kazak exchanged fire with the sister engineer and killed her, the F-O Scout took the left beacon and, to the general surprise, the Kazak doctor ran on Joan, killed her and successfully captured the central antenna! WOW!!!

I won this game by 7 to 1 pts, but the score doesn't reflect how tight each turn's end has been!

the table: kazaks deployed on the upper side, Pan-O on the lower!

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