Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Final Ride of the Indra-3 Crime Syndicate


So Many Dead Kum...

Our final game of the Wotan campaign, and it was a nasty battle.

I started strong with my many and varied Extremely Impetuous troops charging forward and dying in great numbers. Two of my Yuan Yuan botched the landing and died to AROs.

In the end, I flatly ran out of steam. Having so few Regular Orders scattered around in three different Combat Groups left me with not enough to share among the survivors. If my Druze Hacker had managed to kill his Asura, then Avicenna could have run up and snagged the supply box the Asura dropped. Avicenna would have had to survive Achilles' suppressive fire, though. Since the Druze Hacker failed to do so, though, the whole scheme fell apart.

Our remaining points were hilarious. Most of Shamash's troops were dead, but his remaining three (Achilles, Asura, and a lone Netrod) were worth 151 points. I had almost double the remaining models (Avicenna, a Druze Hacker, Screamin' Sammy the Yuan Yuan, a KTS Doctor, and a Nasmat) and had only 81 points left.

Our objective points were just as lopsided. Shamash scored 6 objective points for controlling more (one) supply boxes than me, and I only scored 2 for having secured his HVT and for my now-dead KTS Engineer having repaired my Nasmat.

Attached video: The criminal syndicate is hyping itself for next year's campaign by listening to this song on repeat while they work out.

My initial deployment. A screaming nightmare of a traffic jam everywhere you look.
Achilles stood astride Van Zant's Grotto, daring me to try something.
The pair of Kum charged. One of them went down fast, the other scored a critical hit with, of all things, a lowly pistol.
Another pair of Kum charged Penthesilea, who handily killed the first. The survivor (pictured) hit Penthesilea with a chainrifle and took a nanopulser to the face in return. They both survived. Later, Chubbs the Fat Yuan Yuan closed with Penthesila and got cut in half.
Screamin' Sammy was my MVP this game. not only causing quite a bit of damage but also surviving. He landed perfectly and then smashed a Netrod with his DA CCW.
Screamin's Sammy then shot a Sophotect to death with his Booty-sourced combi-rifle.
Mushashi and one of the surviving Kum got in to position to wreck Achilles. Spoilers for a few pictures later: it did not go the way they'd hoped.
Achilles begins his charge, splitting his fire. He killed Mushashi's partner, knocks Kasym Dogged, and shrugs off every other ARO.
Zuleyka tried to take Achilles down with her pair of flamethrowers but he easily dodged.
A Ghazi Muttawi'ah blasted Achilles with a chainrifle, but Achilles once again dodges.
Achilles closed with Mushashi...
Oh. Oh no. My dice are at the bottom. You'll notice the clear, overwhelming victory Achilles just achieved.
Out of spite, the Ghazi Muttawi'ah uses his jammer on Achilles, and scores a critical hit.
One of my two lonely objective points were scored in this disaster heap. The Krakot Renegade was shot unconscious by Achilles. The Nasmat rushed up and tried to heal him, but fell short of base contact and got shot by Achilles and went down. The KTS Engineer ran up and repaired the Nasmat, but was shot unconscious in the process. The Engineer repairing the Nasmat achieved my secondary objective, which was nice.
The Druze Hacker (lower right) moved up and failed to kill the Asura (middle). Failing to do that cost me the game - if the Asura had died, Avicenna would have run up and snagged the supply box the Asura was carrying.
My only survivors. Presumably this is their last known photo as they fled in to lawless space, far from the reach of O-12.

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