Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Supply Run


Supply Run Shoot-Out

Another brutal and fast shoot-out at Indra-3 Mobase. This time, the criminal syndicate operating within the space station tried to beat an Aleph squad to some tech-coffins.

What followed was a violent showdown. Aleph managed to secure a supply box early with a well-placed Naga, and most of the criminal scum were handily massacred. In the end, the game was a draw: the Naga holding a supply box was shot to death by Avicenna (who apparently swore an oath to "First, do some harm"), while Kasym killed a Sophotect holding a second and picked it up in her stead. Kasym was himself killed in turn. Since we had both achieved one Secondary Objective the game was a draw.

Attached video: This criminal syndicate loves The Doors.

Sorry for the poor photos - the second game was a bit rushed due to time constraints and a lot of my photos weren't great anyway.

My initial deployment. So many bikers always leads to a traffic jam.
Another shot of our deployment.
Penthesilea was dynamite. She flattened Kasym and his Kum compatriot but the Druze Hacker made her ARM roll. Penthselia then closed with the Druze Hacker, shrugging off Mushashi's chainrifle.
Achilles the began his approach, and both he and Penthesilea shrugged off Mushashi's chainrifle.
Achilles couldn't quite close to base contact. Penthesilea shrugged it off again, but Achilles took a wound and then obliterated Mushashi with his spitfire.
Zuleyka roared up, killing Penthesilea. Achilles shrugged it off.
Shamash had used his Naga to Spotlight my HVT, but my Nasmat secure his HVT. Neither of us could secure our other Secondary Objective.
Avicenna shot his Naga to death, so she dropped his supply box.
Kasym (restored to consciousness by Avicanna earlier) roared up and snagged a supply box off the corpse of a Sophotect, only to get killed by the Asura across the way. This forced a draw - neither of us held a supply box, and we each only secured a single Secondary Objective.

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