Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation Onigokko: Massive Defense

Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam


The alien threat of the Combined Army is greater even than initially suspected. The Tohaa, an EI project intended to infiltrate the Human Sphere, gain our trust and the turn on us in the time of need have finally shown their real face using Haqqislam pirates as their willing footsoldiers. The brave troops of the State Empire of course try to hold back the tide and have driven out yet another such band of traitors. Operation Onigokko will stop the advance!

Operation Onigokko



JSA had the 1st turn. A mixed KEisotsu link deployed on the far left, the core was formed by a Karakuri link in the center backed by a GML remote. A Rui Shi, Yojimbo and doctor were waiting on the right flank and a Ninja hacker had deployed close to the enemy HVT.
Haqqislam deployed the mighty Al Fasid in a central position. A TR drone on our left flank, a HI Doctor also on the left and far back, with his helper bot close to his troops. A Fiday tried to infiltrate into the JSA deploymentzone, but failed, trying to read Mangas from left to right. She deployed on the right flank.

Turn 1

The Karakuri forward observed the enemy HVT, thus scoring the first objective point. The Rui Shi then advanced in Yojimbo’s smoke cover and took out the now revealed Fiday, taking her to unconscious. It then took out several more enemy troopers before declaring suppression fire, covering a wide area.

Haqqislam now lower on order than expected and in LoL advanced, taking potshots but failing to do any real damage. They positioned themselves for turn 2 and then forward observed the enemy HVT scoring their first point and then healing the Fiday at the cost of their helper bot.

The Rui Shi...
...doing what it does best.
The Pirate forces.

Turn 2

The Karakuri Forward observed the Al Fasid, thus scoring their secondary objective. They then pelted him with guided missiles getting counter hacked by the enemy, but finally managed to take him out with the help of the Rui Shi. They then further reduced the enemy order pool The Keisotsu link advanced on the left flank.

Haqqislam now starved for orders used their now-healed Fiday to take out the Rui Shi and have a go at more objectives, but got shot down due to lucky rolls. They did however manage to take out Yojimbo.

Rui Shi...
...doing it again.

Turn 3

The Keisotsu advanced and Yuriko Oda placed a D-charge on a consruction vehicle, scoring the second objective. The Fireteam then advanced taking out a Djanbazan and positioning for last turn AROs. Yuriko oda dropped out of the link to run her helper bot up to the Rui Shi and repair it for more AROs. The Ninja Hacker activated and hacked the enemy HVT twice for yet another objective point.

Haqqislam now in LoL again spent their last command tokens to get some more regular orders and made a desperate run at objective grabbing, but were shot down in ARO due to lucky rolls on my side and incredibly unlucky ones on theirs.

repositioning for better AROs
Blasting the vehicle
Waiting paid off for the Hacker


9:1 victory for the JSA – the Karakuri performed very well in their roll of forward observing and being able to survive if the opponent wins the FTF roll. The Rui Shi is the only model I see as an actual auto include since I miss it badly whenever I do not take it. Highly classified is great fun due to all the different objectives! Operation Onigokko successful.

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