Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Hack Pan O

Spectre Senence
VS Nomads
Mark Jacobs

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Spectre Senence


  • Vounchiz says:

    My connection is too slow to watch it 🙁

  • Omx8 says:

    Really detailed report in the video (over an hour long), nice job. You might want to add a few pics, txt, and army lists as some people won’t realize the full report is in the video.

  • Spectre Senence says:

    The Nomads were leery from the heavy engagement in Phase 2 so my force of Haqqislam went searching for vital Intel against the other factions. Low and behold we run into our old rivals aboard the Indra Mobile and heated tempers flare. What can I say, the Djabazan was causing quiet the hostile emotions as his body count kept rising.
    Intense game, rough time for Knauf on this one but the team pulled through thanks to SO Shariff!