Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Ruin on the Raxora

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VS Haqqislam

Why Must Everything Be Fire?

Another day, another bout of fighting the Combined Army by actually fighting other people here to fight the Combined Army. Hey, it worked on La Forja!

So we got off to a great start - the Maghariba immediately killed Atalanta, who was up on a really sweet sniping position. There followed a truly bizarre chain of events - a Naffatun started forward and got shot by a Dakini with a heavy machine gun, but an Asawira was right on hand to get him back on his feet. The Naffatun tried to shoot the Dakini, but it just shot him again - and then the Asawira got him back on his feet. The Naffatun hosed down Beth, our asura, and Achilles with a flamethrower, grievously wounding both of them, so the Dakini shot him again. And then the Asawira fixed him. I can't help but think they're not paying that Naffatun enough.

Then came some silliness - I made the mistake of having my Sophotect move up to try and fix Achilles. Right in front of the guy with the heavy flamethrower. It really didn't go well. The Dakini tried to hose him down more thoroughly with space lead, but he was apparently immune - they've got some good vaccination programmes on Bourak.

At that point, there wasn't much stopping them. The Maghariba finished off the Sophotect, and a Nazmat scooted up to my high-value target to score a secondary objective. Our Deva managed to connect a console, but so did their Jannisary and Asawira. And with that... The game was kind of over, with a very, very clear win for Haqqislam!

That little orange line by thepoorman's hand is the template for his Maghariba. Say goodnight, Atalanta.
Here, Beth and Achilles demonstrate an excellent formation to use against someone who really likes templated weapons.
The Nazmat scoring a Secret Objective.

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