Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Blood On The Antennae

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VS Haqqislam

If This Were The RPG I'd Be Doing Great

This is yet another kind of weird mission - everything that could go wrong did, I got massacred while barely doing any damage back, and yet it ended in a draw.

Things started out bad and quickly got a lot worse. To begin, Damayanti, my Naga flubbed a deployment roll, meaning we had basically no answer to that Maghariba Guard hanging out with a clear line of sight on us - as was quickly demonstrated when it instantly killed Penthesilea.

Shakti, our Deva, had a clear line right for one of the objectives. And the Maghariba had a clear line right to her.

Our Asura, Beth, and our sophotect, the ominously-named Hypatia, did manage to scoot up prone and grab the central and right-hand antennae, and then Beth and Achilles went Suppressive to brace for the counterattack.

Things started going badly right away. The Maghariba cheerfully took Achilles' fire as it shot at Hypatia...

I am not good at rolling saves.

... Continually.

I am REALLY not good at rolling saves.

The Ghazi Muttawi'ah in the centre began an advance under smoke. Achilles managed to kill a few of them, but one successfully Isolated Beth with those unholy godawful devices they have.

That'd probably be two successes in the RPG.

My next turn was special. Damayanti, the aforementioned Naga that flubbed his deployment roll, was in the clear to make a hack attempt at their Asawira, which just happened to be my Secret Objective.

Guess how many orders it took.


So that was the entirety of my turn. A last-ditch charge by the Ghazi on Beth did not go well for the Ghazi, but Achilles got shot a lot. Like, really a lot. This left the Tuareg free for a turn and a half to Spotlight my own High-Value Target, sealing their secret objective.

And after all that? The match was a draw. Infinity scoring gets _weird_ sometimes!

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One Comment

  • notmuch_23 says:

    That seems exactly like my rolling most of the time in most battles. I swear, if I put an Asura in good range to a targeted trooper outside of cover (14 base BS, +3 for good range, +3 for targeted = 20 target number) my die would only land on 1, and my opponent’s couldn’t land on a 1 or higher than their target.