Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Special Mission for a Special Guy

Combined Army
VS Yu Jing

From Seed Supply Officer Virgil
To Kornak Gazorat Superior Warrior-Officer
With the campaign drawing to a close we need you to gather some information on the humans High Value Target and then get some data on the enemy positions. We are sending you to Yu Jing consolate to collect your data.

From Kornak Gazorat Superior Warrior-Officer
To Seed Supply Officer Virgil
I Kornak will not bow to the will of the EI without being rewarded with combat. I will send a Vanguard team and a sniper Yaogat team for support with the specialist needed while I continue the war against the PanO humans.

From Yaogat sniper Milo
To Seed Supply Officer Virgil
Do not worry Mr. Virgil my sniper team set up to direct the classified missions you directed us to complete. With the enemy nowhere in sight when we first arrived the Zerat snapped a couple of pictures observing the HVT and the Kurgat set and exploded a demo charge on a building. With still no enemy in site the vanguard moved forward and set up a firing positions and the Zerat moved to a covered position.

Two heavy came forward and engaged in an HMG fight with the vanguard link and the Q-drone. After the bullets stopped the enemy HMG and the Q-drone were dead. Their commander being brave and looking for a fight started a run killing the Zerat and Kurgat. Being out in the open an enemy sniper picked off the Daturazi.

With the enemy sniper also appearing I climbed up a ladder on a nearby crate and dealt with the threat. The snipper down and the way clear and the mission still at hand the Vanguard team moved right and engaged another heavy infantry out in the open and killing him. Also moving toward the commander to data scan him for more data for the EI but failing to successfully scan.

As the enemy commander realizing we were not sent as a usual Morat murder mission and realizing he would not get to fight the great Kornak went killing the vanguards. We were also not aware of the speculo killer in the enemy's line disguising himself as a para medic and killing two of the enemy heavy infantry and trying to kill a third.

After completing most of the missions we were assigned and with our specialist being killed off by the enemy commander the sniper team moved up and tried to take down a light infantry out in the open but being blinded by a lucky laser shot. Our hacker decided to try one last time to data scan the commander for his information but failed.

From Seed Supply Officer Virgil
To Yaogat sniper Milo
Thank you for completing the missions assigned to Kornak. We will have a chat with him about missions and larger objectives. We are now requesting all personnel active back to the ship so we may proceed to the human world.

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