Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Blood, guts and glory

Ragnarock 459
VS PanOceania

+++Garrison force to aleph central+++ we have been agressed. Commencing combat manoeuvres.

+++aleph central to garrison force+++ copy that. Activating combat AI to assist you.

PanO turn one. Seeming to underestimate the remote as a mere toy, they decided that engaging it would be a breeze. The Nisse offered covering fire for thier advance, but was the first one to drop to the weight of fire, followed by an orc who felt his armour would save him, but he fell aswell. The final victim was a fusilier who tried to get out of the line of fire but wasn't quick enough.

Aleph turn one. The dactyl sprinted up the security walk way. She grabbed the enemy hvt and inoculated her. Followed by crawling up to the central antena and pressing the button on the antenna. The hacker bought along for support grabbed the antena in the deployment zone.

PanO turn two. Suffering heavy losses the father knight led the charge to show that there was still hope. Charging down the remote gun blazing but not escaping unscathed finally deciding to poke the corner and getting taken out by the agema.

Aleph turn two the dacty crawled across the building of the central antena to get to the far left antenata. The thorakites ran up the board in an attempt to secure the far right antena.

PanO turn 3 in full retreat the PanO force pulled back to thier boarding vessel.

+++Garrison force to aleph central+++ force repulsed all clear, standing down. Minor casualties sustained.

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Ragnarock 459