Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Sweet revenge

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Yu Jing
VS Tohaa

It was bloody, close and very sweet.

This last fight against the alien troops of the tohaa in their own ship was fast and fierce.

We got the initiate, our fast attack team composed by Yojimbo, kisaragi and an aragoto with spitfire advanced on the left, by the right Oyama and its fireteam advanced, and through the middle the duo of shikamis stormed the field.
The aragoto had a duel of spitfire against the enemy, but it was a draw. On the right, the link team smothered an alien with two rockets to its face.

A sneaky alien was undettected by our advancing troops, it showed up and shoot its shotgun, killing the missile launcher, the domaru dodged and got him to close combat, other enemy got close nd shoot the link team, which dodged and got closer to the enemy.
The duel of spitfire continued, but our troops lose it, hurting the simbioarmor of the enemy only, its advance also took kisanagi and yojimbo. Another triad in advanced through the middle and took down a second haramaki.

Then the thing got nasty for the aliens, the link team disolved and the haramaki lost its restraint, advanced against the enemy and with the domaru's help took him down. Oyama with his pistols took down another enemy. One of the shikamis advanced and faced a makaul with his flamethrower and another troop, losing onw wound by the fire and damaged the simbio armor of the other. The leutenant got behind enemys back and with his chain rifle took them down, and in a heroic action, the shikami jumped from the roof of building and split in half the last troop from that triad.

No many alien troops remained, one got closer to our HVT, the other tryed to cover our advanced. The other shikami with his assault pistols took him down, but he wasnt fast enough to get to the last one of them.

Being this a victory for the empire.

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Yu Jing

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