Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Die with honour

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VS Tohaa

This battle was a disaster.
Fist turn The sargents kill two of a triad and the Black frier kill another in the left flank. But I can move enough to leave the deploy zone and two fusiliers, a sierra, a doctor and a sargent died. One sargent with his auxbot tried to fry some toohas but al dodge or save armour, and then they kill the sargent...
After a storm of fire. Only 4 sargents, a father knight and the lieutenant fusilier survived, the crusader arrived but the battle was doom, he tried to kill an IGAO and failed all the attacks, the sargents run out of the deployment zone and survived some shoots. but then a breaker combi started to fire and by the end only a father knight, 2 sargents and the crusader survived. And every one of my shoots failed, so every ora of my anemy kill someone.
To my third turn only a sargent was alive, so I surrended.

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