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Pinoy Wargamer
VS Nomads

This is my first official Infinity game. I may be an experienced miniature wargamer with other game systems, but I am a total newbie in Infinity. A lot of what I did in my game were based from what I was taught. Props to PhearTheHam (Gino Cobarrubias) and the rest of the crew (JR Roxas and JM Fernandez) for being gracious and patient for teaching me how to play the game.


This 10-man Swordpoint unit was sent to Strikezone Wotan, to do basic reconnaissance and engage only when necessary. Upon arrival on La Forja, an unknown pulse was felt, and immediately the connection between the unit and the AI was severed. After a short reboot, the unit, led by Eudoros, leads his champions, to fulfill their objective and reconnect back to Aleph.

We rolled off, with me winning the roll. But since I have very little knowledge on what opening moves would be good, I let my opponent go first. With that, I deployed my forces on the table first. We agreed on 200 points, playing the Quadrant Control scenario.

Since PhearTheHam went first, he took one of the high vantage points with a sniper model. He picked off one of my Agema Marksmen very easily. But the accompanying Thorakites managed to eliminate the sniper with a very lucky critical roll.

I wanted to see how a Paramedic would revive my fallen soldier. I hastily had my Thorakites Paramedic make a mad dash towards my downed Agema, but carelessly got shot by a nun. With two models down, I decided to play for scenario and cover as much of the middle ground and gain advantage with points.

He took a very strong lead, dropping Eudoros, with me resulting in Loss Of Lieutenant. But it seems having Religious Troops make for a lot of bravado on the battlefield. With a last ditch effort, I had my remaining Agema Marksman take a shot at a clustered enemy group with his missile launcher. I scored another critical, which resulted in my opponent's Loss of Lieutenant, as well as two other models (which included his VIP nun who was laying mad waste on my force).

I managed to down one more of his soldiers as they were in retreat. And I luckily took the field, with my Aleph force at 7 points and my opponent at 1 point.

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Pinoy Wargamer


  • VolgoGronz says:

    Nice report!

  • Epistaxis says:

    Fantastic report and pictures! Well done, Commander!

  • Vanyarma says:

    Well I too got two SP Starters, but I only got the second much later, and mostly to convert the Thorakitai (and possibly the Hacker into an Ekdromoi AHD). As for escalation, get the Myrmidon box first, the Myrmidon Spitfire (he is BRUTAL in combat) and either Alke or Thracymedes (I converted an Acmon into him bc buying the box seemed expensive at that time 😛 ).
    And lets not forget the most important part: Awesome report!! Love the style and details!! Congrats man 😀

  • Pinoy Wargamer says:

    I started way WAY back, but it’s only recently that I’ve gotten to play. I have the Aleph starter box and two Steel Phalanx starter box. What would be the recommended models for escalation?

  • Pinoy Wargamer says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m going for more story-driven reports, and hopefully get more games soon!

    *** More fun in Aleph ***

  • Myththus says:

    Great Report!

  • Aegisbrand says:

    Great style!

  • Colonel Kanakin says:

    Amazing report. Well done.

  • ManongGuard says:

    Great report PWG. Still… Aleph sucks! Hehe.

  • Karvitch says:

    Love the comic book style.. good fun to read.

  • Cabaray says:

    This is great!

  • Terror says:

    Nice report PWG!…. now back to business… DESTROY ALEPH!

  • PhearTheHam says:

    I will get my revenge next week!