Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign


VS Combined Army
umbra samaritan surkyas

We have received information from the commanders of the high command of the human sphere that our reports are little taken into account to give way to the story so we will focus only on what is necessary to be able to imply everything we did in this battle

Everything is cleared and the REMO advances to seize the central antenna
Achilles advances at par to safeguard his position

The EI advances and tries to surprise Achilles, this becomes a direct confrontation between the umbra and the Myrmidon hero.

The fight becomes bloody

Achilles defeats the umbra and continues its advance to reach the antenna on the enemy side

Attack the EI that is controlling it and leave everything clear

The EI advances and attacks the thora that controlled the lateral antenna, and seize the antenna, and guard the zone

Achilles backs down on the field and heads to the place to end the alien threat

The hero Myrmidon ends with the Ei who can not stop it.

Despite all casualties the SSA manages to control the table and finish the battle

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