Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Bansai! in Vigo

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Yu Jing
VS Nomads

With the high command abandoning its commanders, Paradur ordered his remaining troops for a final push against the Combined army space ship.
A push for death and glory!

Having only limited forces remaining they entered the large ship. A shikami lead the assult on the right flank, backed up by a keisotsu fireteam, with a keisotus missile launcher survaling the area. On the left flank Youriko supported a Karikuri and a flash remote. Lastly a keisotsu toke up defensive positions on each flank.

After searching the area of their entry point for a brief period the missile launcher spotted Nomad troops, but did not get a chance to fire. Brando Castro got the jump on the link team and in the end only 2 keisotsu remained and the Shikami had taken a wound.

- Conclusion, so the Nomads were in league with the Combined army!

In the ensuing battle the Nomad traitors killed the accomapneing warcor to hide their traitorous actions and claimed 2 antennas. The Karikuri took one back and in a mad dash tried to claim the second one, however it was glued down before it could reach it. Finally the Nomad traitors killed the karikuri and claimed the console.

We lost contact with the three remaining kaisosu, presumably they are still infiltrating the ship battling the traitorous Nomad skum.

May the die with Honor!

This battle was played in a bar in Vigo and the battle report written and uploaded in a train between Vigo and Porto.

See you next time!