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The Infinity Global Campaign

Morats more problems!

VS Combined Army

Morats mo problems

Mack looked over his troops. They were beaten and bloody. The battle at the Raxora had been close, too close for any level of comfort. His team had escaped after the loss with everything intact. Still he wondered what could have been done differently that would have helped his team succeed. He took a second to look back at the Raxora, and it appeared that something was following the Nomad ship. He blinked again and stared even closer at what he though he saw. The shuttle moved and blurred again. They were being followed. It seems as though the Combined army did not like how his team made a stop on their ground. "We got a trailer Mack", the pilots voice came through the comm link. Mack took a second to think about the situation. If he took them back to the Lagation, he would be bringing the enemy to the last Nomad ship in the area. This was not the Don or La Forja, but a vessel filled with civilians and workers. Mack smiled to himself as if his devious plan just might work out for the nomad team. "Take us to the Baijing," Mack told the pilot. The nomad nation had fought enough on their home turf and hopefully they would keep the Combined Army's attention on Yue Jing and not the Nomad vessel.

Nomads vs Morats Highly Classified
HVT Designation
HVT Inoculation- Morats achieved
Extreme Prejudice- Morats achieved
Telemetry- Morats and Nomads achieved

Morat secret objective
Experimental drug- Morats Achieved

Nomad secret objective
HVT Retroengineering

The battlefield
Left flank
Right flank

Mack and his team braced for the initial attack of the Morats. He had never faced them in the past but their reputation had proceeded the brutal space monkeys. With his team in place the enemy struck first. high up on the buildings the reaktion zond and enemy missile launcher started trading salvos. The two went back and forth a few rounds. Finally the enemy missile was able to blast the reaktion zond to bits. The Morats struck early and struck hard. They were able to start mowing down all the infilitrators that were in the center of the battlefield. The two Morans were unable to get their Koalas in stand by before they were blown to bits by either machine gun fire from the enemy link team or grenades being tossed around the buildings. Wade the prowler went face to face with an enemy with a chain rifle, the enemy was hit but shrugged off the wound to his armor. The prowler was not as fortunate. Lupe in a an attempt to break the link team went down to a salvo of heavy machine gun bullets.

"Troy we need your help we got wounded down here," Mack had punched in the coordinates for the Tomcat to come onto the battlefield. "Concentrate fire and lets try to bring at least some of these space monkeys down," Mack gave his orders out to his team. The zero was able to apply some pressure to the enemy dropping at least one of their troops down to unconscious. The rest of his team was unable to gain any traction against the very aggressive Morat force.

Tomcat looking for lunch
Chain rifle to the back

The second round of salvos started between the two forces. The Morats moved forward and began to take care of their objectives. Their doctor brought back one of the fallen morats. Another smashed Cab the Moran into oblivion with extreme prejudice, but that was not before they were able to forward observe the fallen nomad. The remaining parts of the link team moved forward across this buildings. They had established the high ground in the middle of the battlefield. Another reaktion zond went down to a missile launcher. A morat was able to outflank the tomcat and bring down the doctor with a chain rifle to the back. No matter what Mack was able to do his troops kept falling.

In a last push to gather at least some intel, Pi-Well moved forward and was able to spotlight a Morat. The intel was gathered but without a missile launcher, the targeted alien was free to move about at this time. Vidro was able to avenge the tomcat.

Monkeys with the high ground

The enemy had the high ground and his troops had been decimated. "Retreat, retreat, we need to get out of here," Mack gave the command the comm link. He cussed under his breath. Today they were outgunned and outmonkeyed. He knew now the intensity of the Morat force. The team scrambled to gather as many cubes as they could, but they could not grab them all. The remotes would have to be left and same with one of the morans. Mack's heart sunk and he swallowed hard. In the distance, the alarms of the Baijing security teams sounded and he knew that he had just a little amount of time to get his team out, but the evidence was strewn across the battlefield. There was not way to hide the fact that they were here. The same could be said of the Morats. Hopefully the politicians could spin this in a way that they nomads were trying to help the Yue Jing. Mack spat out some chew. He really hated the slimy politicians.

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