Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Death by sword before dishonour

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Combined Army
VS Yu Jing

JSA vs MAF during Transmission matrix

The room is dark. All lights dimmed, except numerous floating in the air screens, each showing blueprints of various decks of spaceships composing the Wotan gate blockade. Their subtle glow makes pupils shrink, sinking the rest of the room in shadow.

A soft female morat voice flowing from audio speakers announces a coded holographic transmission incoming from untraceable source, but signed with a currently valid for long distance communication password. I accepted the call, sat straight and opened eyes, showing two gleaming points in the gloominess of a chamber, just before a visual was established.
- Legate, I'm at your service.
- Report, Kornak.
- Boarding the ship they call a lightning spear went unsuccessful. Most of my heavy assault squad died in the process, but we accomplished as much as humans did.

- Detail me the layout of the battlefield, I want to know if they learned anything from your last encounter.
- I saw an advantage in long fire lanes hard to advance through, if covered with long range fire, but safe to march from our side. Also, Zerats had great spots to dig in.
Forward observer on a high silo, near an antenna. She would take down defenders on the roof easy, by denying their cover due to height of the silo and claim the area. She didn't infiltrate though.
Hacker clinging to the central building, on two stocked containers next to its wall. Occupying the antenna and close to the enemy civive, which she wanted to scan.

Human fireteam was placed in the middle, ready to run in cover of huge building. A combat drone and a weak, prone human at the rooftop guarded the antenna, where Zerat failed to infiltrate. Only one human left to watch for other antenna.

First round
Yu-jing turn

A shimmering air is no surprise to me, but my Suryats didn't get a chance to fry attacker, because she charged under veil of smoke. Shinobu kitsune killed both our heavy weapon bearers before getting chopped by third Suryat in blind close combat.
Domaru team moved next to the central building in its shadow and their time was over.

MAF turn

Rasyat diplomatic delegate landed at the perimeter, near enemy territory and antenna. He sabotaged the train yard wall and tried to shoot the lone guard in the back, but smelly himan changed facing and shot back with a shotgun. Due ti well equipped for close quarters hostile Rasyat hold that position to assure that we claim the zone.
Hacker climb down the caintainers, scanned the civive and immobilised one Domaru with Basilisk hacking program for two turns. With joy in her face she walked up the stairs of central building.
My last order was to coordinate a suppressive fire for me, Suryat in my front, and both Zerats.

Second round

JSA turn

Air shimmered on the central rooftop and a grenade exploded in a cloud of smoke. Saito Togan used his smelly feet to instantly kill Zerat hacker by exploding her head.
After that, he walked unopposed on the other flank, where he advanced under veil of smoke into a building guarded by Kurgat with autocannon. Greedy to take cover as his time was running short, he attacked engineer frontally, out of smoke. Morat dedicated to his mission sacrificed his life to take down his foe the only way he could really threaten ninja. He dropped a mine and exploded into red mist with a vile smile on his face.

MAF turn

Zerat FO stopped distracting foes with pole dance (highly ineffective while in armour) and showed herself to the ninja, who dodged properly, but Zerat dropped another mine and inhaled red mist, tasting it at the back of her tongue.
I sent a droid to incinerate that bastard and he did it well. Without any way to complete more objectives we took defensive positions and awaited the final assault.

Third game round

JSA turn

Domaru team went on a rampage and broke formation. Raktorak died with vulkan shotgun in his hands.
Oyama detonated two anti-personnel mines in a mad sprint and survived heavily wounded. Neither death trap, nor Zerat with boarding shotgun stopped him. Smelly Oyama wanted to outgun my drone with range of chain rifle, but misjudged the distance and got fried to death at a cost of a droid. With their last order single Domaru ran to the central antenna.

MAF turn

I thought that our sacrifice earned victory for glory of Evolved Intelligence and sounded the end of operation. Mistake that was, because Domaru claimed our civive, which I could intercept, if ran at full speed past another Domaru, with last Suryat by my side. My misjudgement is a reason why victory slipped out of my hands.

You were right Legate. We cannot spare efforts in exterminating every one last of them.

- I am not pleased by outcome of this boarding, Gazarot.

Holoprojection of umbra's bust disappeared in a blink and a soft female voice announced severing the connection. I rested on a couch I've been sitting on, surrounded by blueprints floating in the dark air.

Log #2
Mission: Transmission matrix
JSA 6 : 6 MAF
MAF points left: 82, JSA points left: 186
MAF scored 2 points for first round domination, 2 for sabotage and 2 for civive scan.
JSA got 2 points for dominating the second and 2 for third round. 2 for controlling the civive made a draw.

Thanks to DEGHAN for another great game and atmosphere!

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