Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

A Farewell to Wotan

VS Combined Army
Dr Bad Vibe

A Farewell to Wotan

Corregidor TAG Support Detail, led by Mobile Brigada Lieutenant Damon Vasquez.
Onyx Contact Force, led by the Umbra Legate Strike Lieutenant.

Mission: Safe Area

Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor vs. Onyx Contact Force / 200pts

Corregidor Classified Objective - Sabotage (white/blue crate next to the far right console)
Onyx Classified Objective - HVT: Inoculation

My opponent won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Initiative and took the first turn. I chose to deploy second.

The forces deploy!
Lieutenant Vasquez, just seconds before burning to death in a hail of rocket fire.

Onyx Turn 1

To start off the game my opponent spent his first order on the Overdron Batroid, moving it forward into a cover position behind a barrel and within sight of the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant. The Overdron fired a full salvo from its Heavy Rocket Launchers at the Mobile Brigada who elected to Dodge in ARO. The Mobile Brigada failed its Dodge Roll and took 1 Crit and 1 Hit from the HRLs, failing multiple ARM Rolls and burning to death. My opponent then spent the next three orders on the Rodok Fireteam, moving them towards the Northwest Console and into base contact with one of the Paramedics and then moving the Heavy Machine Gun into cover from the barrel facing the Mobile Brigada HMG. The Rodok HMG traded fire with the Mobile Brigada HMG and scored two hits on the Mobile Brigada which failed one of its ARM Rolls, taking it down to one Wound. The next order was spent on one of the Unidron Batroid Forward Observers, moving it around the left side corner of the building it was next to and then up into Total Cover position near the Corregidor HVT. My opponent then spent an order on the other Unidron Batroid Forward Observer and attempted to Target the Gecko. The Gecko fired back in ARO and scored one hit but the Unidron's armor proved too tough for the Gecko to damage. A final Lieutenant Order was spent on the Umbra Legate Lt., putting it in Suppressive Fire state.

Things are not looking so hot for the JCC.

Corregidor Turn 1

With the Mobile Brigada Lt. dead, the Corregidor started off Turn 1 in Loss of Lieutenant state. With that in mind I didn't have much I could do in my first turn. I spent the Mobile Brigada HMG's Irregular Order firing on the Rodok HMG but it successfully Dodged, moving back into Total Cover. I then spent the Gecko's Irregular Order, moving it forward out of cover and exchanging fire with the Unidron Batroid Forward Observer. The Unidron scored a hit on the Gecko with its Plasma Carbine, causing a total of two Structure damage to the Gecko. I decided not to use the Alguaciles Irregular Orders but I did bring on both Tomcats in this turn to help add to my Order Pool in Turn 2. The Tomcat Doctor came in on the left side of the board, across from the Mobile Brigada HMG and the Engineer came in on the right side of the board, across from the Gecko. At the end of the turn I secretly nominated the Alguacil Combi Rifle as the new Corregidor Lt.

Onyx Turn 2

At the beginning of Round 2 my opponent spent his Lt. Order on the Umbra Legate Lt., moving it up to Partial Cover from a barrel within sight of the Gecko and firing on it with its K1 Combi Rifle. The Gecko fired back in ARO but the Corregidor forces' bad luck continued and it took two hits, failed one of its ARM Rolls, and was left Unconscious. The first Regular Order was spent on the Rodok Fireteam, moving them into cover positions around the Console they had already secured. The rest of the orders in the turn were spent breaking the Fireteam by moving the Rodok Paramedic that was not in base contact with the Console all the way across to the Corregidor HVT and successfully completing the Onyx forces' Secondary Objective, HVT: Inoculation (after failing a first attempt) and then moving it back into a cover position near the Corregidor HVT.

Fortune begins to smile on the Corregidor.

Corregidor Turn 2

I needed to get the Gecko back up if I was going to have any chance at all so I spent the first order moving the Tomcat Engineer towards the Gecko while remaining out of the Line of Fire of the Umbra Legate Lt. The next order was spent on the Tomcat Engineer who went Prone so that the Umbra Legate Lt.'s LoF to her would be blocked by the barrel between them, crawled into base contact with the Gecko, and successfully made her Engineer Skill Roll to bring the Gecko back to one Structure Point. I spent the next two orders using her Engineer Skill on the Gecko again, successfully repairing two more Structure Points to the Gecko, bringing it back up to full health. My final order was spent on a Coordinated Order, putting the Mobile Brigada HMG, the Alguacil Forward Observer, the Tomcat Engineer, and the Gecko in Suppressive Fire state. This provoked an ARO from the Umbra Legate Lt. and Unidron Batroid Forward Observer who both fired on the Gecko but missed.

One less!

Onyx Turn 3

My opponent started his final turn by moving the Unidron Batroid Forward Observer into base contact with the Northeast Console and exchanged fire with the Gecko. The Gecko won the Face To Face Roll, delivering one hit to the Unidron which failed its ARM Roll, taking it to Unconscious Level 1. The next two orders were spent on the Rodok Paramedic near the Corregidor HVT, moving him forward into the Southeast Quadrant and claiming cover behind a nearby scenery block. My opponent spent his next order on the remaining Unidron Batroid, moving it back into cover in the NE Quadrant. He then spent two orders on the Overdron Batroid, moving it forward into a Partial Cover position in the Southwest Quadrant. The final Onyx order of the game was spent putting the Rodok HMG into Suppressive Fire state.

One last push!

Corregidor Turn 3

In order to win the game I needed to control 3 Quadrants and in order to do that I needed to push the Gecko past the Umbra Legate (preferably killing it) and Rodok Paramedic into the NE Quadrant and then make sure I had the SE Quadrant secure by either killing the Rodok Paramedic or moving the Alguaciles into the SE Quadrant (Note: At this time I didn't know the point value of the Rodok Paramedic and didn't think the Tomcat Engineer was enough points to dominate the Quadrant; as it turns out the Tomcat Engineer, worth 22 points, would have dominated against the Rodok Paramedic, worth 21 points, by a single point!). With all that in mind I spent my first order of Turn 3 on the Gecko, moving it into contact with the SE Console (in order to claim Partial Cover from the Umbra Legate if I was unable to kill it with this order) and exchanging fire with the Umbra Legate. The Gecko scored one hit but the Umbra Legate successfully made its ARM Roll, taking no damage. Ultimately it took another three orders for the Gecko to kill the Umbra Legate. The first order of the three ended with one Wound scored on it at which point the Umbra Legate declared No Wound Incapacitation to keep it in the fight. The next order saw no damage done to either side while the third order resulted in the Gecko scoring a crit on the Umbra Legate, finally putting it down for good. My next order was a coordinated Move + BS Attack order with the Gecko, the two Alguaciles, and the Tomcat Engineer. I had the Tomcat Engineer stand up and move into base contact with the SE Console. The Alguaciles started to move towards the SE Quadrant with the Forward Observer in sight of the Rodok Paramedic and the Gecko moved forward towards the NE Quadrant. The Rodok Paramedic ARO'd against the Alguacil while the Alguacil and Gecko fired at the Rodok Paramedic. The Rodok scored a hit on the Alguacil Forward Observer who failed his ARM Roll and was left Unconscious but the Rodok failed its ARM Roll against the Gecko's Chain-Colt, also going Unconscious and leaving the SE Quadrant uncontested. I spent my final order of the game moving the Gecko into the NE Quadrant.

Final Score Tally:

NW Quadrant
Corregidor = 0
Onyx =48 / Rodok Paramedic (21), Rodok HMG (27)

SW Quadrant
Corregidor = 74 / Mobile Brigada HMG (42), Tomcat Doctor (22), Alguacil Combi Rifle (10)
Onyx = 57 / Overdron Batroid (57)

NE Quadrant
Corregidor = 53 / Gecko w/2 Combi Rifles (53)
Onyx = 15 / Unidron Batroid Forward Observer (15)

SE Quadrant
Corregidor = 22 / Tomcat Engineer (22)
Onyx = 0

Total Quadrants: Corregidor = 3 / Onyx = 1

The Corregidor forces were controlling more Quadrants at the end of the game, scoring 5 points for Corregidor.

The Corregidor and Onyx both held 1 Console for 1 point each.

The Onyx force had completed their Secondary Objective for 1 point.

Final Score:

Corregidor = 6
Onyx = 2

Final Thoughts

I had a really, really bad start, losing my Lt. on the first order of the game, taking a Wound to my other Mobile Brigada and then having the Gecko knocked down shortly after. Thanks largely to the Tomcat Engineer I managed to make a huge comeback and secure the win with the last few orders of the game. These are the games of Infinity I love and one of the reasons I enjoy the game so much. It doesn't even matter whether myself or my opponent pulls off a move like this, just being able to work out that chance with my opponent as we discuss the possibilities and then seeing one of us execute it successfully is an amazing thing.

This will be my final report submitted so thanks again to all for reading, rating and leaving comments of support! See you next year!

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  • Ozuye says:

    Outstanding job fighting back to get the victory. The one thing that this campaign has taught me is that Tomcats are awesome. Solid batrep!