Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Journey to the West(ern Module)

VS Yu Jing


The Deva Tripitaka and his group of companions journey westward in search of the fabled (trans)scriptures that contain great knowledge. He comes a pair of great gates through which he must pass. As he approaches the threshold, an immortal appears upon the ramparts.

"Who goes there?"

"We are but humble travelers in search of the fabled scriptures. Oh mighty lord, please let us pass."

"I see. However, such is not the will of the Jade Emperor. Perhaps with a suitable payment I might look the other way."

""By the will of Great Aleph, we must pass. We have little to offer. I humbly beseech you to let us through."

"Then begone, or I shall have my men seize your belongings by force."

"You leave us no choice."

Eye of the tiger, gun of the leopard

Part 1:

Eight-Pigsy spies a leopard demon perched high, ready to pounce and smites him first. A spirit-wolf minion of the devious immortal waits nearby.

仙人出发,斩妖除魔(Hsien comes forth and vanquishes the Naga)
Villanous and heavily armoured brigand comes out of hiding in search of prey

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  • Lampyridae says:

    Pity the campaign ended so suddenly. I would have liked to rate this… though you well know that the Monkey King is a Nomad!