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The Infinity Global Campaign

Tag rental in Raxora

VS Nomads

Penetrating deeper into the bowels of the ship, the Shock Army battlegroup expected at all times to finally meet these damn aliens. But instead of vile abominations, all they met were marauding Nomads...
The Naga of the team, who had gone on a scout, returned to Stephen Rao, all out of breath: "Chief, Chief! They have a TAG! "
Rao raised an eyebrow: "How? A big ? "
"Yes, a very big one," the Naga replied with anxiety from his disagreeable synthetic voice.
"Mmm ..." Rao said. "We need it, I want a TAG too!"

Set up

I win the FtF roll and decide to go first, (stupidly) aiming at connecting two antennas in my first turn. MrK chooses the best side and lets me deploy first.

On my right flank, the Bagh-Mari fireteam hides in the generators’ room. I put the Naga near the right antenna, mainly to avoid enemy camo tokens.

On the left, my Orc Haris hides near the HVT and the left antenna.

In front of the Orcs, MrK deploys two camo tokens, a hidden specialist Alguacile, and a Bandit AHD in the room next to the central antenna.

On the right are all of his last troops, including two koalas, one of them directly threatening the antenna if someone moves to it.

On the right are all of his last troops, including two koalas, one of them directly threatening the antenna if someone moves to it.

Turn 1 ASA

My Bagh-Mari linkteam redeploys to take better cover in the generators’ room. My HMG tries to shoot a lone Wildcat in the objective room. The first burst misses, the second hits but the Wildcat passes his ARM roll.

Then I sacrifice the Bagh-Mari N2 to detonate one of the koalas. The heroic Bagh-Mari also take a shot from the Iguana and from a revealing Intruder. He’s (over)killed.

Need a hero?

But my Naga is then able to go connecting the antenna and lays a mine, before falling back with his Bagh-Mari friends.

On the left, the Orcs take better (as they think) position.

Turn 1 Corregidor

There are few shooting opportunities on the right, so MrK redeploys his troops with two Command Tokens. The Iguana and the Clockmaker go ahead, in cover. Some other troopers, fearing that my 10th mysterious guy enters the board from the back, cover all lanes. The Bandit tries to connect the central antenna, but fails three times...

You're fired!

On the left, MrK moves an Intruder HMG that is able to shoot at my Orc HMG. My poor lieutenant is in dire situation… There is a big gunfight, and I manage to dodge or pass ARM rolls. But she’s threatened, behind her column, by the Intruder HMG if she stays on the right AND the popping Intruder Sniper if she goes to the left. Falling back would mean two free shots without cover... She ends the turn with a wound left. MrK uses a Command Token to put Suppressive Fire on four troops, including the Intruder HMG.


Turn 2 ASA

My only hope is to cause some havoc. I want to drop the Akal AHD near the objective room, but there is a f*** koala here. I use the Bagh-Mari HMG to destroy the vile animal. The Akal passes his PH roll, goes around the corner of the room and manages to possess the Iguana with Total Control !

The 10th man arrives...

With some orders, my new TAG tries to burn the Moran and the Clockmaker. The Bandit tries to re-Total Control the TAG, but fails. The Moran ends burning. I move the TAG towards the last guys, but they are well scattered to avoid the heavy flamer, and those hit pass Dodge or ARM rolls.

Just rent-a-TAG...

On the left, my Lieutenant is still in danger. It’s a headache, because I want to position my Orc AHD in cover near the antenna, while dodging the sniper shots AND not letting my lieutenant be killed by suppressive fire. I decide to shoot the Intruder HMG with my LTN and fail once again. The Orc AHD takes a sniper shot and is wounded. But he’s now behind total cover. I try a last move and shoot with the Orc boarding shotgun, but she’s also wounded...

Turn 2 Corregidor

MrK uses his last Command Token to get his TAG back. Then he concentrates on the left. The Bandit finally connects the central antenna.

The Intruder HMG decides to shoot the two most dangerous Orcs, but is finally killed. MrK moves his sniper, shoots at the Orc BS, but she passes her ARM rolls and takes cover, threatening the Bandit.

The Intruder sniper climbs on the stairs to take a better position and finally kills the Orc. The Haris is broken. With the last orders, the Bandit tries to kill her hacker counterpart, but she’s finally shot down by my lieutenant.

Turn 3 ASA

The wounded Orc AHD connects the antenna (WIP 12, yeah!), and then I use a Command Token to put suppressive fire on the two remaining Orcs and two Bagh-Mari.

No longer immobilized, the Akal secures HVT, then moves around the corner of the objective room to recatch the Iguana. With two orders spent, I re-possess the TAG, but with too few orders left. The Intruder combi rifle and another troop dodge the flamer. But the real danger is the Clockmaker, hidden in the objective room. So I move the TAG and shoot with HMG the Intruder and the engineer. The Clockmaker is killed.

Turn 3 Corregidor

I realize that there is only one specialist left, a lone Alguacile. I should have moved the Bagh-Mari linkteam towards the left to protect the left connected antenna... I’m too self-confident in suppressive fire, but with only two orders, the Intruder on the stairs kills the Orc Lieutenant, then the Orc AHD…

The antenna is free to go by the Alguacile, but he’s really far. MrK realizes he has only one order to steal the antenna… and fails. Just because DEUS VULT I guess ;-)

PanOceania : 7 (Antennas+HVT+own Console)
Nomads : 3 (HVT+own Console)

It was a very interesting game. I spent too much orders in the first turn to move and (not) kill anybody. I put my lieutenant in a dire situation, self trapping her between a HMG and a MULTI Sniper… But I discovered that a Orc Haris is very tough, though. MrK did very well on that flank with his Intruders. He lacked chance with his Bandit who spent too many orders to connect the antenna. I did a real mistake in not moving my linkteam to help the Orcs, because once the Clockmaker was dead, there was no more threat on the right. And it was (for me) a lot of fun to play a TAG, even if he finally killed only two troops (but those that had to be killed). MrK played well here in scattering / hiding his guys.

My two last painted minis, thanks to Wotan

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