Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation datenight

Dong Vult!

So I invited my girlfriend for a couple of games of infinity in the style of a certain Ariadna High-commander, because I saw the oppertunity to take Indra-3 TSD module. Spoiler! I won. But had to watch sex & the city for 3 evenings.

So I started. I moved forward and around the pile of loo rolls and took one of the supplyboxes while shooting at my girlfriends forces: Killing a couple of volunteers and her Grey Rifle Lt.

In her first turn al her impetious (3 Galwegians and McMurrow move into my line of sight and got shot down by my linkteam of hospitaler Knights.

Then I moved on to the second box and managed to take it.

My girlfriend was in retreat by that time. Ending the game.

The battlefield!
My Army!

This game was a part of a series of exhausting games played on the almost the same table in a pattern of one game, switching sides, second game, swithich table setup... etc, with the same army lists over and over again - all for the sake of 'fun the cheateray way'. Please don't mind me.

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  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    Yeah, Dong Peyote is the real super hero of the human sphere. But you should add some more pictures, so the reports stay valid 😉