Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Shootout in Baijing

Lorend Bielmot
VS PanOceania

Shootout in Baijing

Having heard that Baijing Orbital was a great place for Nomads to relax and recuperate, the troops retired there after their crushing defeat. We thought that we would find a bit of rest and relaxation, but it was not to be. Once again troops from other forces decided to attack our brave men and women. We first recognized the problem when it became known that Father de Ferzen was approaching us with weapons drawn. Having to defend ourselves, our troops switched their weapons to active and the Reaktion Zond opened fire on the advancing knights, taking down the one holding a missile launcher. The battle had begun.

Photo taken, despite apparent attempts to jam the security system's camera, showing PanO trooper using illegal mine device in combat.

Next an Order Sergeant appeared suddenly out of nowhere, came up to where our Alguaciles were lined up and placed a mine, though the Intruder hacker saw him doing that and removed him as a threat. A second such hidden sergeant came out of other side and took down the Reaktion Zond with his shotgun. Meanwhile, de Ferzen advanced and exchanged fire with the Intruder sniper, and the brave Nomad went down to spitfire bullets.

Intruder sniper goes down to enemy fire.

The hacker then moved forward, triggering the mine but dodging its blast easily. Meanwhile an Alguacil came up and secured the mine placing Order Sergeant with Extreme Prejudice brand handcuffs for future questioning and potential charges of war crimes. The Iguana also exchanged fire with the advancing knights, and managed to bring one more of them down with its shooting.

De Fersen pushed forward despite the loss, and tries to possess the Iguana, only to have his brain burst by the Intruder hacker. One of his knights brings him up, and he decides to remove the Iguana with his spitfire, and manages to damage it without destroying it, but ends up burned to death by its heavy flamethrower.

The hacker then advances, gains some important intel about what caused this attack against us by hacking the comlog of a nearby PanO communications officer, while the PanOceanians fell back.

Intruder hacker, hero of the battle.

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