Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Threat of the invasion of Aleph

Kravchenko Anton

Thought of the day: Even one enemy can become a overwhelming problem

Knowing about the impending provocation of Aleph the nomads decided to conduct a raid on the territory of a possible landing of the enemy.

The intruder, under the guise of smoke, went to the center of the battlefield and began a shotout with the Agema and total reaction drone. After successful destroying of the drone, he hided in camo on nomads half of battlefield.

Aleph sent its myrmidons under command of the lieutenant Phoenix to crush linkteam of wildcats. They burned Wildcat's girl with HRL and tried to kill the intruder but lost hacker and myrmidon with chain rifle. Then they stopped pushing the limit and took a weak position near the enemies.

Nomad sent the most of the wildcats to finish Pheonix. And after taking all nomads attention and all the luck of a Greek gods. He stood unwounded and uncovered on the middle of the battlefield.

It was a turn of Aleph to take situation back in its hands. And Atalanta with the help of thorakites cleared the most part of wildcats and intruder. And took a way better position the before.

Now the situation in which the nomads turned out was not excellent. They even sent their lieutenant to take care of the rest of the myrmidons. But in the end it was useless.

Battlefield was under control of Aleph puppets.

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Kravchenko Anton