Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Hellcat Vengeance

Louis L

Sergeant Hernandez drifted outside the Legation's hull, clinging to a piece of debris from an earlier incident and masking her thermal signature.
The drone image was fuzzy due to jamming and a serious amount of packet loss, but it was enough to make out a bunch of Aleph remotes weaving in, along with the posthuman from last time, flitting from body to body in its weird marionette dance. As she watched, a trio of Netrods came down, one going off course and digging into the ground near one of the area's side airlocks. To take down that damn immortal posthuman, they would have to destroy all of those Netrods. And they were laid out perfectly. As if aware of their vulnerable location, a Mk V proxy rushed forward to protect the two nearest their deployment zone.
Lieutenant Madonsela spoke over the secure channel. "Yeah, it's them. The same guys that took down Bravo Team." Her voice was tight and angry.
"Roger that. Generating flightpath, I'm ready to go in."
"Don't do anything crazy, Sergeant."
The seasoned drop trooper grinned inside her helmet. "Who, me? No, it's going to be Senhor H-M-G who's going to do the crazy stuff. Give me the word, sir."
The Wildcat Lieutenant was silent for a moment, then said: "Give them hell, Sergeant. I'll back you up."

All these shiny Netrods and cheap REMs, all in a row! Sitting ducks!

Round One:
OK, since Warconsole is being ridiculously slow, I'm going to have to be happy with uploading just the one pic (it's taken me over 10 attempts to get it to upload).

His list: 4x 8-pointer REMs (you know the kind, sniffers and minesweepers)
Posthuman hacker, forward deployment guy with SMGs, heavy infantry guy with HMG. Myrmidown with chain rifle and smoke. And Ajax.
My list: 5x Alguaciles, one with a ML, Lupe (in the link, one Alguacil as a spare), 2 x Jaguars with chain rifles, Wildcat LT, Hellcat HMG. I set up in a loose formation on my right flank with my Wildcat LT all the way off the left with a Jaguar bodyguard.

Nomads Round One:
Since my Aleph opponent had utterly destroyed me with a TO Infiltrating Posthuman and a Garuda Spitfire, I intended to return the favour. One Netrod scattered to just above the top of the picture, and I was facing the brokenness of posthumans and Ajax with very little firepower - a Missile Launcher Alguacil link was my heaviest weapon besides my Hellcat HMG.
The Hellcat dropped in behind a building, next to the scattered Netrod. She ignored it and started nailing everything - the Forward Deployment Posthuman (I hate Posthumans!), 2 Netrods and 2 el cheapo REMs. Then she moved in and nailed one sitting by Ajax and the Posthuman heavy.
Finally, I used my last regular Order (having been deprived of 2 for going first) and put the Hellcat into SF. Then, being a good sport because I had thrashed my opponent so badly, used my LT order to move the Wildcat out to pick off the Netrod, advertising her LT status for all to see.

Aleph One:
Well, Ajax got all enraged and moved forward to deal with the bad shooty lady. In a coordinated order with the posthuman, he engaged my Hellcat but failed to do any damage. However, the second Order saw her go down in a hail of twin Combi Rifle fire. Sigh, should have dropped that E/Mauler instead. Ajax dashed up and gunned down the Wildcat. She tried to roast him, knowing that she was dead anyway. But his armour held and she went down.

Round Two:

Nomads Two:
In LoL, my only option was to take down Ajax. Spending ALL of my Command Tokens to make 4 Regular Orders, I activated my Alguacile Link and tried to take out Ajax with the ML. I managed to wound him in the process but it was not enough.

Aleph Two:
Instead of risking Ajax to a barrage of Alguacil combi rifle fire, he moved up his Posthuman heavy and started wailing on the link, gunning down two of them before Lupe popped smoke and cutting short his rampage. Ajax engaged and smashed a Jaguar in CC but could do no more.

Round Three:

Nomads Three:
I finally managed to drop Ajax with Lupe's firepower, as well as the Posthuman proxy. Next time I'm bringing a Lunokhod to make all those AI Beacons mine!

The side where the Hellcat would walk on.
The Wildcat LT unwisely exposing her location to take out the last Netrod, which had scattered to the left of the purple crate.
The valiant Hellcat. Alas Suppressive Fire only can do so much, especially in the face of weaponised stupidity like Ajax.
The desperate final battle against Ajax and the Posthuman heavy. Unfortunately the digitised bastard escaped to his Proxy hacker which was last seen fleeing the battlefield...

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