Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

No Sir, this isnt Baijing!

VS Yu Jing

No, Sir...this isn´t Baijing!

In my third game against Izarion, the traumatized YJ force is doing his very best, to regain some honor.

Izarion had to deploy first and covered nearly all lines of approach with his Weibing and Husong drones, deploying on both flanks. In the center, the Hsien Warrior overlooked the battlefield, the rest of his forces deployed hinding away from the action and trying to spread out, in order to avoid losses from an Impersonator.

I wielded 6 Camo Marker, 2 Impersonation Marker and a hidden TO unit, so the battlefield was swamped by my Markers, from the very start. One Daylami missed his Infiltration roll, but both Impersonator showed up in his very deployment zone.

In turn 1, one of his drones tried to get a better position and survived sadly both sniper shoots - to try some triangulated fire on his next order, which my Tuareg thanksfully dodged and went into deep cover. Next he moved his Su-Jian closer to my lines... killing my Hunzakut, but got isolated, by moving too close to my Hawwa Hacker. Then the Hsien moved foreward, spotting & killing one Daylami with ease. Some more movement on behalf of the Ninja and turn 1 was already done for him.

In my answer, the Farzan, the Fiday and Al-Djabel moped up the YJ force. The Farzan used his Boardingsshotgun and Mines to keep the Zuyong, the HMG TR drone and one of the Zanshis occupied and mostly dead. Then the Impersonators moved from both flanks closer to the middle, crushing everything in there path. Facing one of them, was turning the back to the other. At the end of turn 1, only the isolated Su-Jian, the Zuyong and the Ninja survived.

Izarions and my second turn was understandable short, he killed one of my Mutts and moving his Hsien into base contact with (the not in marker state) Al-Djabel. We needed 4 rounds of close combat to declare Al-Djabel the victor. To kill the remaining troopers was just adjusting the bodycount.

Only the Ninja moved out of the YJ deployment zone, the rest got buttchered, where they entered our little rock.

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