Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Returning to Wotan


The Scene

It had been a journey for Martina "Duchess" Rossi. After a busy run on La Forja then Don Peyote, she had been taking a well deserved rest, only to find that the ship had been majorly damaged by Aleph, and fled the sector. After hitching multiple rides on various ships across the Human Sphere, Duchess' last trip had been stowed away on a Yu Jing ship and now found herself on board the Baijing Orbital Consulate.

As she slipped into a crowded room on the Consulate, trying to plan her next ride home, she ran into a familiar face; Kevin, the Sin Eater. She looked at him across the room, and had clearly caught his attention. He made his way over to her, then stood there drooling.

"Hi Kevin what's..."

Before she could finish her question, Kevin responded "Duchess! We've been looking for you everywhere. We've been given a number of objectives on Baijing, but we need a good Lieutenant for our team, will you join us?"

"Sure can Kevin. Who..."

Kevin interupted again before she could ask her next question. "We've got most of the old crew, Alguaciles, Lennon a Forward Observer and Ryn a Paramedic, Baxtor the Clockmaker, a Transductor and a new guy."

"Who's the..."

"The new guy is a Mobile Brigada, his name's Steel."

"Ok so..."

"We're ready to go now, just down the hallway, we've picked up an Aleph team moving into the area. If we hurry we can stop them."

"Aleph! What..."

"A Deva, a Sophotecht, 3 Dakini, a Myrmidon and a couple of Netrods."

"Thanks, do you..."

"Yeah, sorry, I know I keep interupting. I can't help it, as soon as somebody starts to talk I can't help myself, I've got to respond."


"...Go." Kevin finished. Duchess slapped her face. Talking to Sin-Eaters was never a pleasant experience.

The Game

The primary mission objectives: Both teams had a good range of specialists, however the main one which was needed for both sides was the Hacker.
The Nomad force was pinned down by the Dakini HMG and Myrmidon Spitfire. From his position on the flank Ryn was able to circle around and neutralize a pair of Dakini and a Netrod.
Having used all the Nomad orders, Ryn was unable to retreat to cover, and was picked off by the Myrmidon Spitfire.
With two of the Dakini neutralized, Lennon was able to move up the centre, using the building for cover and get a shot into the Myrmidon at close range. The result, Myrmidon down.
The Sophotect is able to revive one of the Dakini and move up and kill Lennon. Unfortunately she runs out of orders before she can revive the Myrmidon.
Duchess sees her moment to act. With multiple hacking objectives, she moves forward into cover then steps out and eliminates the Sophotecht.
Duchess sets her sights on an Aleph High Value Target, just a shadow of his former self. She is able to successfully hack the target.
Duchess successfully lands telemetry on the Dakini.
Duchess successfully datascans the Dakini
Tired of the constant cyberwarfare, the Dakini shows Duchess there's nothing quite like a Heavy Machine Gun.
It's not enough to make a difference, but with only 2 orders and a Lieutenant order, the Dakini moves up and claims a classified objective.

The Result

As Kevin, the Sin-Eater carried Duchess's unconscious body from the scene, the whole team couldn't help but agree that the Interventor was today's hero, seizing an opening in the centrefield to secure the hacker friendly objectives and take the game for the Nomads.

Aleph can get a crazy number of orders at low point games, but as some were on inanimate objects, they can be weak in ARO opportunities and thankfully one of my Alguaciles was positioned to take advantage of this first turn.

We realised Aleph first turn that they had forgotten a Lieutenant. There was some confusion as my opponent thought the Deva had a lieutenant hacker profile like the Asura. We continued to play the game this way as we were already deployed and the game was underway.

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