Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Onyx-86 last push

Combined Army
Functionary Mal

300 points, ITS Supplies, Limited Insertion

Live Transmission from Scindron pilot G07TP6 from Raxora

- Hi!! This is Scindron G07TP6, newly assigned to Onyx-86, after my predecessor went down in a mission earlier to Aleph. I am sent here to avenge him, or something like this… Enough talking......I hear shots already! Damn it guys, I'm not even ready!

- Damn, the Q-drone is down, stupid Deva Spitfire and smoke…

- Alright! The Unidron Sniper took out their Dakini! Guess we are even now!

- Oh shit, two of the supply boxes has been emptied by the Dasyu and Naga! Ugh, now I have to go get those things back!

- Great job Malignos! Good job on laying the mine there to stop the Dasyu…

- Woah! What just happened! An Ekdromoi just flew in right in front of the mine and got blown to pieces? This is epic!!

- Oh damn, the Malignos is gone… poor little frog… But yea, good job on laying out another mine before you die…

- Unidron Sniper down! Mk2 Sniper spotted!

- Good job Dr. Worm, good on you bringing the Unidron Sniper back!

- Sniper! Go on your rampage!! Mk5 down! Dasyu down! Woooohoooo!!

- Alright, I’m moving up!!

- I see the Naga with the other box, and yea, there’s the Aleph Spec-ops Thueros!!

- Burn burn!! What?? They dodge and make their armor save! Ridiculous!

- I’ll spitfire you guys! …………….. Alright, now they are dead…

- Oh crap, there’s a Mk1 Assault Hacker…

- Umm… guys… I am not in control of the Sphinx anymore….

- You are on your own…. Unidrons get out of the way….

- Wait…. Don’t shoot me, just get out of the way…

- Damn, 3 Unidrons down…. Told you guys to get out of the way…

- Good job Captain Nexus! Thanks for exorcising that stupid Hacker out of my system… I am going to go hide for a bit…

- Umm, another Naga picked up one of the dropped boxes… someone do something??

- Hahahahaha, stupid Myrmidon officer, don’t even know how to open the box…

- Oh, great job Capt’n! Show the Mk1 your sucker punch! Don’t you dare to possess me again!

- Umm, what? Me? I need to go do some more killing? Oh, captn already got one box? And I need to go kill the Naga with the other box?

- Ok… I guess I will go do it!

- Die, Naga! Okay! Done! I got the other box!

- Wait, what, the Aleph are retreating? I haven’t even have enough fun yet!

- Oh yay! We won!! *Happy Dance*

Deva guns down Q-drone!
Ekdromoi flies (disperses) into the path of a mine!
Unidron Sniper guns down Dakini, Dasyu & Mk5!
Sphinx kills Spec-Ops & Naga!
Possessed Sphinx guns down THREE unidrons....
Nexus exorcise the Sphinx
Nexus grabs supply box from the floor and runs...
Sphinx kills Naga for 2nd supply box!

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