Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Slugfest in the Stockmarket

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Yu Jing
VS Nomads
Look down the Yu Jing line
Nomad side

A sea of rushing accountants, stock traders, and other noncombatants ran screaming from the stock market floor as armed forces stole in to the space. The Yu Jing strike team’s goals were the same as the Nomad’s: keep the other away from the trade consoles and have the most commanding presence on the market floor. Win through resource management. As gunfire was traded, the exchanges of commerce still went on.

Nomad Turn 1
Coordinate orders brought Nomad units up the urban field. A Grenzer multi-sniper spent two orders obliterating a Yan Huo with double missile launchers and Neurocinetics. The Yan Hao collapsed, bleeding out after losing to the superior marksman. The Moran with his CrazyKoalas moved up dangerously on my right flank.

Yu Jing Turn 1
A TO camo Hac Tao warped in from hidden deployment, blazing away at the Reaktion Zond and destroying it outright. A scant few feet from the incapacitated Yan Huo, the Hac Tao turned its HMG on the Grenzer. The Nomad marksman scored a wound on the seemingly emotionless statue of killing. The Hac Tao shredded the Grenzer through volume of fire. An ill-advised advance of a Zuyong HMG takes fire from three vectors and drops unconscious. A Mobile Brigada incurs a wound at some point.

Nomad Turn 2
Nomad forces advanced again, moving their line of battle forward. An Alquacil ducked his head as he ran past an alley, as buckshot from a Celestial Guard whizzed by. Shots were traded in small spatters. A camouflaged Guilang gunned down an Alguacil as she reached a trade console. A TO camo Spektr shivers into form near a corner, opposite the Hac Tao.

Yu Jing Turn 2
The shadows of the stock market, a Tiger Soldier with combi rifle + light flame thrower steals forward. Seeing a long line of unaware Nomads, the Tiger Soldier channels the mindset of John Wick and for an order, becomes Baba Yaga. Three shots ring out and slay the wounded Mobile Brigada, an Alquacil, and Wildcat all in one fell swoop. The advancing Tiger Soldier burns the TO camo off the Spektr, but is slain. A following Tiger Soldier with boarding shotgun cockily joins the fray behind his sister and is summarily slain by the Spektr in an exchange of gun fire. A TO camo token becomes more than an apparition and moves dangerously close to the Spektr. A Celestial Guard FO with boarding shotgun moves towards a console on the right side.

Nomad Turn 3
The Daktari successfully interfaces with the far right console. The Spektr makes a break for it, running away. The TO camo reveals to be a Ninja killer hacker and successfully dips and dodges several frantic gunshots to engage the Spektr. A lurking Interventor hacker repositions to little effect.

Yu Jing Turn 3
The Zuyong automedkit kicks in, bringing the machingunner back to consciousness. A CrazyKoala perks up and runs toward the Zuyong. There is a burst of explosion, but the Zuyong weathers it. From his exposed position, the gunfire kills the Zuyong again. The right side Celestial Guard splits shotgun fire between targets, and entirely misses the nearby Moran that is just opposite him. The Ninja squares off against the Spektr, who pulls his knife. With a hiss of vorpal steel, the Ninja turns away from the mortally wounded Spektr. With nothing left to do, the Hac Tao uses its lieutenant order to blaze away in suppressive fire frustration.

Nomads wins with 4pts
Yu Jing loses with 3pts

Sniper double taps my Yan Huo Missile Launcherx2 with Neurocinetics
Hac Tao warps in and will not suffer the pesky Sniper to live, with reprecussions.
RATATATA! *Spak Spik Spuk SPLAT*
Tiger Soldier with Combi Rifle strolled in from the edge and John Wick'ed three Nomads in one order
TO camo (Ninja) warps in from hidden deployment behind the Spektr
Moran prowls ever closer with his threatening CrazyKoalas
Hide-and-Seek-and-Miss with a Celestial Guard and his Boarding Shotgun versus the Moran
Ninja eviscerated the Spektr
Daktari clutched out the win for the Nomads by controlling the console

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