Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The Final Report

Kaeltar Meehan
VS Haqqislam

Repelling Invaders

Kealtar Meehan sat down to review his final report. Things were transpiring quickly at the Wotan Blockade, and his mission had been put on hold as he was recalled to the Daraani Corvette to insure the safety of the Tohaa vessel.

The team he had been assigned too was sent to engage a Qapu Khalqi pirate incursion on the biolink deck. The ships defenses had already been activated, so upon reaching the deck the first actions of the team were to moverify out of the effected area. The Haqqislam pirates had kept out of sight, so their was little to impede the way, except for the access doors on the deck.

The Kealtar, and Kumotail triad are the first to move.

As the first wave of the virus flooded the deck two Chaksa and a Kauuri were still struggling to get to safety. As the virus clouded over them they fell.

A team of Janissaries led the pirates.

The pirate advance was covered by 3 Yuan Yuan who threw smoke to obscure the advance of the team members. However one over weight Yuan Yuan had drawn the attention of the Surda with the enticing aroma of the noodles it was eating.

The Surda rushes forward towards the delicious smell.

Seeing the threat posed by the advance of the Surda the Janissari team took an alternative route, but their movement did not go unnoticed and the Surda released a spray of nanites at the closest of the team. They Janissari dodged out of the way of the pulzar which consumed the Yuan Yuan and his noodles, but as it did its holo field flickered out, revealing it to be a Hafza. No longer distracted by the noodles, the Surda followed the advance of Janissari team and before they could get to the safety of smoke was able to swath them in another gout of ravenous nano creatures. Another Hafza was revealed, and one was took a critical wound, but was revived by the quick work of the Janissari doctor.
As the klaxons sounded the two remaining Yuan Yuan and a Sekban where caught within the versus zone. The two pirates succummed to the biotechvore, but the Sekban's environmentally sealed armor saved it from harm.

The Janissaries had taken shelter in a confined area, and a Makaul was sent to capitalize on the situation. Fearing the Makaul's flamethrower, the Janissaries ducked for cover, so the Makaul changed tactics by throwing smoke and engaging them in close combat.

The Makaul prepares itself to launch into hand to hand combat.

A Hafza fell to the Makaul's viral blade, and he then advanced on the doctor, causing a wound, but failing to incapacitate it before being struck down. With the Makaul down, the Kerail and Surda advanced. The remaining Hafza fired on the Surda, which dodged from harm. The Surda rushed forward striking down the Hafza, as Kerail rushed the wounded Doctor and shocked it with an electric pulse. The Sukeul took this opportunity to shoot at the Janissari armed with an HMG, and after a brief exchange of fire was able to bring it down.

With only one Janissari unharmed the Tohaa have the uperhand.

Unexpectedly, another Sekban armed with a Spitfire appeared from an airlock behind the Tohaa forces, and, with nothing to prevent its attack, shot down the Sukeul.

The Sekban ambush alerted one of the Kealtar, who turned to face this new threat.

The Sekban then fired on a Kauuri, a Chaska, and Meehan's counterpart, a Symbiobomb expert. The small bio construct was torn to pieces, but the Chaksa was saved from harm as the Kealtar blinded the Sekban with her Flashpulse.
Once again the klaxon sounded and both Sekban were in the effected area, but their suits designed to protect them from the vacuum of space remained uncompromised.

Seeing their advantage deteriorating, one of the Kotail engaged in a firefight with the rifle bearing Sekban and, despite loosing his Symbioarmor in the exchange, was able to shoot it down. A Chaksa moved up and exchanged its life to incinerate an Odalisque, bring the team down to a single operative, due to the death of one of team which had been killed as it brought down a Makaul with its nanopulser.
In a desperate gamble the Kotail Forward Observer activated its holoechos and then spread out in many different directions hopping to distract some of the enemies fire. However the Sekban was not fooled, and the Janissari peppered the area with its shotgun. However, in a beautiful display of acrobatics and precision fire, the Kotail avoided their fire and brought both pirates down.
Engaged with the last of the Janissari, the Kerail shocked it again as his Surda dispatched the recently fallen Janissari, and the last Odalisque's shot missed its mark. The Surda moved into the combat and struck down the Janissari with a swipe of its venomous paw, but, as the Janissari fell, the Odalisque took her shot and killed the Kerail.

Realizing it is the only one left of its raiding party, Odalisque moved into position to fire on the Kotail.

The Odalisque was unsuccessful in causing harm to the Kotail and fled.

With this final report submitted Meehan sat back in his chair unsatisfied. Although many of his missions had been successful in disrupting the disbursement chain of Artichoke Lou's network, the apprehension of the criminal seemed no nearer at hand. Artichoke Lou, while weakened as an organization, was still at large as a free Tohaa.

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