Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Make the wrongs turn right.

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Yu Jing
VS Nomads

....After two fierce battles on the frigate, our heroes were rushing impatiently to Raxora ...

- Sir, we are in trouble to reach our destination! We must stop to make repairs or we will not get to Raxora! (OOC: This was my opponent's turn to choose the theater!)

"I can not risk drifting!" Let's go to the consulate, in Baijing we will have better conditions to arrange the ship!

--- But Baijing is in chaos!

--- That was never a problem for us ...

(some time later)

What is the reason for this immense troop of nomads heading toward the station? Is not trouble enough with Haqislam?

Left--Nomads ; Right -- Yu Jing (both started with six figures )

The nomads chose first:
They chose the side of the table and be the second to deploy. But, thanks to Sun-Tze, they should have to deploy (almost) all figures at once (All less than the parachutist).
They were:

Reverend Healer-prone;
Algualcil Light grenadier (man) ;
Algualcil FO - women - prone;
Grenzer (Behind the building);
Spektr (invisible)

Yu Jing deployed five troops before and two after the Nomads (ninja* and Sun-Tze).
They were:

Sun-tze-prone (proxi-Crane . I chose him because his posture is the coolest!)
2x Zanshis combi rifle (Behind the building)
Zanshi -Light grenadier - prone
Xi Zhuang and his Mad Traps
Zuyong FO
''Ninvisible girl'' (invisible)

Open missions:
Experimental Drug; Telemetry; Extreme Prejudice; HVT: Espionage.
Classified missions:
HVT: Inoculation (Nomads)
Sabotage (Yu Jing) - impossible (I did not had an engennier)
*such thing do not exists.

HVT's positions and the n**ja appears.

Turn 1
The nomads spent one command token to decrease by two our number of regular orders.
We started commanding our hidden trooper to move close to the interceptor in order to take him down.
After she arrived in the desired position, she tried implement Skullbuster in the interventor. But he raised the 'Breakwater' shield and prevented the cyber attack. Again, our killer hacker tried the same attack, but she failed while he succeeded to 'Sucker Punch'. Our n*inja fell unconscious.

Our ninja was advanced and fallen, it was a matter of time until the nomads made the Coup de Grâce and move against our troops ...

The devious Interventor!

Then our Tiger soldier appears in the right flank (to the Yu jing) of the battle field. With two combined orders our troops moved together: Tiger Soldier; Zuyong; Xi Zhuang and Zanshi (in the first order) and Sun Tze that stood up (in the second order).

She used the last order to fire the experimental drug in our fallen comrade and it was a success! Our Ninja stood up and we accomplish our first open mission!


In the first order of the nomads' turn, our Ninja escaped of the three shots of the Grenzer Combi. The nomads continued to attack with two more combined orders. In the first order she escaped the flames of the Brigade and the Combi of the Agualcil Grenadier. In the second order she managed to get engaged with Algualcil, but at the same time the Grenzer fired two shots at the back of the ninja. She fell unconscious, and the nomads spent one more order to make the Coup de Grâce.

The nomads spent almost all their orders to stop the ninja.

Next they moved, yet they did not realize that they had brought the Reverend Healer (killer) too close to a Mad Trap in which she was caught. The nomads spent the Lieutenant order to move the Brigada in a more secure position. The last order was to put some troops in suppressive fire.

A fearless lady!


In the next turn, Xi Zhuang moved to secure a good shot against Reverend Healer. First he made the Telemetry mission. Next, he took Reverend down and made the Coup the Grâce. We use our lasts orders to prone Sun-tze; to retreat Tiger Soldier and Zuyoung, and to advance the Mad Trap against the Interventor and the FO.

The targets!

In Nomad's active turn,Tomcat showed up close to the Nomad deployment area and advanced towards the Xi Zhuang and Madtrap, but outside Xi LOF. Combi rifle on the Madtrap and it was down, putting an end to the problem. Then, Spektr appeared next to Xi Zhuang, killing him from behind. Then the Interventor advanced next to the HVT and he completed the mission HVT: Espionage .

Spektr and Interventor in line!

Turn 3
In the last turn Tiger Soldier come to the rescue!

She took down the Algualcil Light Grenadier and advanced to get the Spektr and the Interventor in line! With his fl**me weapon she cleared the area. Next she come back!

Without perspective, the nomads finished their turn after two movements with the Alguacil FO.

Open Missions

Some of the dead nomads looked like his dead son...
As Lao tzu said: 'A general comes out of a battle just as he leaves a funeral'.
And Sun-tze acted like this say, he prayed hopefully that the bath of blood named Battle of Wotan comes to an end.

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Yu Jing


  • JOPA says:

    Thanks! To be fair, it is wowskyguy’s table. He was the one who presented infinity to me.

  • Gerozilla Lee says:

    I really like your table, also great work on that ninja, I must say you should spend your time painting your army after the Wotan comes to an end, I want to see what you can do!

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  • Minister_of_Truth says:

    Nothing to do with this kind of space trash other than to let them breath vacuum 😉

    Nice report.

  • JOPA says:

    Yep! What the nomad high command is thinking?? Ignore the CA invasion to take an revenge?… what selfish and immature anarchists…

  • No.33 says:

    A good report seeing how Justice has been dealt to some truly heinous monsters.