Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation Gate Crasher

VS Yu Jing

Prelude: Food and stuff

This Tuesday I invited my brother over for some foods and a game of infinity. This is what came of it:

Major Sanchez looked at his motley crew of armed bastards and smiled. "Right lads, here is the deal. Our job for the day is to get to the consulate, kick in the doors and show 'em what happens when you mess around with the Nomad Nation. The primary objectives are as follows:
1: Blow up a car! They have sensitive information hidden in it and there is a lot of ICE around the mobile data vault so it's easier just to vaporize it. It's a nice looking old school Benz.
2: Scan a hostile unit, so we can see if the rumours are true about the advanced comms equipment.
3: Mark a hostile unit, so we can track them back to a possible forward assembly area.
4: Waste one them and make it look messy, so they'll quake in their boots next time they meet a Nomad
5: Scan a civvie, if there are any lurking in the area. Maybe one of them is carrying a unsecure comlog with passcodes and contacts we can use.

It's going to be a cake walk. Intel has timed the INFIL time to right around chow time. Get to it, devil dogs!"

Deployment: Getting ready to kick it hard core

"Our initial INFIL went with out incident and we moved towards sub level 3, wear the mobile data vault was located. We must have triggered and passive alarm somewhere along the route, because the Yu Jing security detail was not eating, napping or whatever when we got to the site"

The nomads fanned out into to distinctive groups. On the left the Spektr forged ahead of the pack with the Morlock with regeneration, smoke bombs and mean disposition right behind him. They were supported by Mobile Brigada, a HMG ALguacil and HMG Intruder. The right group consisted of a Zero FO, A Prowler with a spitfire deployed far forward with the support of a Reaktion Zond, a Wildcat ingineer, The Wildcat LT called N'Gala and a Alguacil FO. As emergency backup the force had access to a Hellcat medic.

The Yu Jing forces also consisted of 2 distinct groups. Their left group consisted of a CELESTIAL GUARD Lieutenant, a DOMARU, a GŪIJIĂ, TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer and a BÀO TROOP sniper. Their right group consisted a BÀO TROOP with a BS, a Keisotsu ML and the CELESTIAL GUARD hacker, a TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor with a YÁOZĂO remote. It was later discored that a Ninja hacker was hidden on the left and a Ninja armed with a tactical bow was hidden on the right.

Turn 1: Speed and Aggression wins the day.... hopefully

The morlock ran up and put smoke out to cover a left alley. On the right the Reaktion moved up and engaged the exposed Bao sniper, knocking him unconscious. the signaled the Prowler and Zero to move up. The Zero marked the Domaru and the Prowler blew up the car. Because everything was a bit rushed the Zero didn't make it to cover but instead took up a surpresseing fire stance along with the Mobile Brigada, the Alguacil FO, the Alguacil HMG and the Prowler.

The response from the Yu Jing came with the armoured fury of the GŪIJIĂ. It moved out from behind the building and engaged the Reaktion Zond and the Zero in rapid succession destroying both units (rolled a 15 on save needing 16 on the Zero ...). On the Yu Jing right the moved up and scanned the Morlock and then hid behind the Yu Jing Civvie. a very unsporting move when the morlock is just itching to fire her chain rifle at multiple targets. The Domaru advanced to within spitting distance of the Prowler preparing for an up close and personal encounter.

Turn 2: If it wasn't for that pesky Ninja....

To get a little mojo and a blessing from the dice good I produced to chocolate covered ice creams. it kinda worked :D

The pressure was on at the Nomad right, but the left flank was open for business! The Morlock sprang into action, leapt forward and sprayed the Bao with the boarding shotgun. The return fire was panicked and off target leaving the Morlock with the chance to kill off the CELESTIAL GUARD Hacker in hand to hand combat. The Keisotsu ML connected with the second shot and killed the Morlock as she cleaved the hacker. Net result: 1 unconscious Bao, 1 dead morlock and 1 dead hacker. The spektre then moved up to scan the unconscious Bao and the Yu Jing civvie and do a Coup de Grace on the Bao. He was interrupted by the Ninja with a bow and a small mexican shootout happened. The Spektre managed to get to cover and do the scans but not the Coup de Grace. The Intruder saw the whole thing and lined up a carefull shot at the ninja. The ninjas superior reflexes let him shot an arrow right into the brainpan of the Intruder (A crit on a 2!). The Nomad lines were starting to show a little wear and tear.

The Yu Jing doctor reacted promptly, moving the servant drone up to get the Bao trooper back in action. The Spektr took fire from the ninja and ducked into cover. The Bao knocked the Spektr unconscious and then slit his throat. and suddenly it looked like the left flank was a lot more vulnerable. On the left, the Yu Jing started pushing a little in preperation for the end game. The Domaru killed the Prowler and several Yu Jing troopers advanced to better positions.

Turn 3 Hold the line!

The situation, while still in favour of the Nomads was going down hill at a alarming rate, so the Hellcat was called in. It decended from top side and landed dangerously close to the Bao with the boarding shotgun. She tried gunning him down from behind but only managed to alert the Boa and the GŪIJIĂ. Whoops. The Mobile Brigada then advanced to kill off the ninja and the Boa but managed neither. On the Nomad right the Wildcat went into the fire to take up a position to hinder and delay the oncoming Yu Jing forces.

But the Yu Jing pain train was rolling. The Domaru ran towards the nearest target, filled with blood rage, but was cut down by a by the HMG Alguacil and the FO Alguacil, both in surpression fire. The GŪIJIĂ moved up, killing alguacils and the N'Gala, the Wildcat LT., and paved the way for the TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer to move up and blow a designated building. The building has later been identified as a drug manufacturing facility. But the time was running out and that was all she wrote.

After Action thoughts

GG bro! This one was up for grabs. 2 orders more and he could have tied it. If the Ninja had managed to cap off the Mobile Brigada and moved up to the Nomad HVT he would have had the draw. The end result was 3 objectives each and a secondary objective for me. My game plan was to push towards the objectives as hard as I could early on to get my brother to focus on the objectives and less on killing my dudes and I partly succeeded. He did kill a lot more points than me but I put objective points up on the board. I did dick around with my Spektr hacker and should have known that a ninja was lurking (he had 2 but the other one was never in action, only moving up to try and make my HMG Alguacil drop surpression for a discover.) I did also push a little to hard to cover open ground at the end losing the Wildcat.

Well, onto the next on.

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