Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation Bison Burger

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VS Ariadna
Col. Verinko

Prelude: A line in the sand

I was invited by Jens (Col. Voronin) to come and play our final game of the campaign. In addition I got to drink his coke and eat his food, so no matter have this game would end I would win :D. Anyways here is how it went down.

Major Sanchez look at the tactical hologram and addressed the squad of ultimate bad asses:
"Listen up people! The Ariadnans have breach Legation in 3 places, namely Airlocks L3, L5 and L21. L3 and L5 has been contained but L21 is yours to put a plug in. L21 leads to sub sector 13, which houses light industry and commercial housings, so there may be civvies around. Most should have cleared out by now, but check your fire. Your mission will be to push the Ariadnans out or make their bridgehead untenable. Additionally we need to check the alarm and monitor consoles and make sure they have not been tampered with. Due to Ariadnan sabotage of the water supply infrastructure, the whole place has been flooded. Take your precations.

Now be advised ladies and gents: Colonel Voronin is here in person so we need to do this by the numbers. He was there when La Forja broke up and he was there during the heavy fighting on the Don. He means business and so do we. Let's make sure he remembers the Wotan Commercial Legation for different reasons! REMEMBER LA FORJA! Move out!"

Deployment: Containing the werewolves

The Nomads left consisted of a Spektr hacker deployed in front by the APC. Behind to support him were An Intruder, a Alguacil Hacker, an Alguacil with an HMG, a Reaktion Zond and a Zond bot controlled by a clockmaker. The middle consisted of the Clockmaker, a Vertigo Zond, a Alguacil FO and a dogged looking Morlock called Blade Girl. The right flank had the remaining Morlock, known as Boney, along with the HMG Intruder and N'Gala, the Wildcat. The Tomcat doctor took the long way around but was ready to support the Nomad Left.

The Ariadnans Right consisted of a Grunt who were right at the edge of the Nomad perimiter, a sneaky Chasseur ahead of Cateran snaper (both in camo) along with Switch and Isobel McGregor. The units in the center were a Devil Dog team, a Vokunteer Paramedic, an Irmandinho with a grenade launcher, a Bounty Hunter with a spitfre, a HTL Marauder. Their right flank was protected by a 112, Colonel Voronin, Knauf, a grunt and Uxia McNeill (in limited Camouflage).

Turn 1: Things get bloody

The Morlocks took the infinity and the 2 Morlocks ran towards the Enemy with the fury of blood lust. Boney was cut down during the advance, but Blade Girl made progress and got to hide behind the tank (Who needs a tank in a space station? We need to have a talk with those Bakuning chicks!). The Intruder engaged the forward grunt with his combi rifle and left the poor guy in pool of his own blood after a short exchange of ammo. The Zero FO in the middle, guided a smart missile onto a Mararuder and left both him and a Bounty hunter unconscius. With the immediate threats down, the Nomads to up defensive surpression positions.

The Ariadnans responded with runing up the Devil Dog team to initiate the dance of death with blade girl. They accomplished this with lots and lots of smoke canisters. Knauf took advantage the confusion to kill the Zero FO. On the Ariadnan right, the Chasseur and Cateran acted together and took out the Reaktion Zond and the Zondbot on the roof top. The Cateran then attempted to kille the combi Intruder, but he saw the sniper coming and killed him with a precise burst from his rifle.

Turn 2: Fury of Blade Girl

Blade Girl, with the rage of a lost partner and the lust for battle flowing through her veins, lunged at the Devil Dog team. She managed to slay the Antipode and wound the Devil Dog himself. The dovtor entered the fray and came in behind the Chasseur on the Nomad left flank. He tried to gun the Ariadnan down, but failed completely. He then moved into position to contest the Chasseurs every move. On the other flank, the HMG Intruder moved forward, knocking Knauf and a grunt unconscious and took up a defensiv position on top of a fast food vendor. Blade girl finished her Dance of Death with the unfortunate Devil Dog (My dice rolling for the actions taking by that Morlock was obscenely lucky to be honest).

Things were not looking to good for the Ariadnans, but they were not out of it yet. On their left flank, the Irmandinho Engineer was tampering with a console and was not to be bothered. On their right flank the chasseur used a flamethrower on the doctor, who responded in kind. The scent of burnt bacon could be smelled in the rest of the subsector. Back on the left the 112 unit got Knauf back on his feet. Knauf thanked the brave doctor by killing the HMG intruder on top of the vendor. He then moved up and engaged the Vertigo Zond. Shots rang out from both sides, but Knauf put a giant hole in the Zonds cotrex, rendering it useless for now.

Turn 3: Hold the line!

Now it was the Nomads to suddenly feel doubts in their hearts. To set things back as they wwere, blade girl advanced on the Irmadinho engineer and hosed him down with a chain rifle. Knauf sendt shot after shot from his heavy pistol into her and knocked her out. But the damage was done and the nomads once again felt the battle swing back into thier favour. The Spektr Chose this time to spring into action. First target, the unlucky warcor. That warcor turned out to be the notorius swtich who tried to fry the Spektrs brain. Switch was taken care of by the spektrs trusty combi rifle as was Isobel MacGregor. He the went to check the console for evidnce of tampering. N'Gala, the Wildcat LT. advanced up to make his presence felt in the right sector and so did the clockmaker.

Uxia McNeill sprung into action. With the Morlock gone she had no troble advancing up the Ariadnan left flank and kill the Clockmaker. The 112 tried a desperate attempt to revive the Irmandinho. He moved onto of a building to get a shot at him hit a syringe pistol. He failed and was "rewarded" for his effort with a bullet between the eyes from the HMG Alguacil from across the board. The volunteer engaged the Spektr hacker, but were not able to kill him. Knauf advanced forward to see if his presence could help, but the damage was done. Even with the last desperate actions of Uxia, the bridgehead was denied and the Ariadnans fell back.

Aftermath: Tallying up the Carnage.

In the aftermath we tallied out the points. We had both elected to go with intelcom cards and I threw mine on the sector with my Wildcat LT. I was sure that he was worth less than Uxia but I had drawn a 39 point card. My opponent elected to support his volunteer medic in a sector on his right. Unfortunatly his card was only worth 16 points so he did not beat my 36 points spektr. That gave me 3 zones to his one. The Spektr also held a console. In all I won 6-0. It could very easily have gone the other way, but Jens had some unlucky diceroling (the cateran sniper losing a firefight with a Intruder in surpression fire was one of them). It was one intense game though, even if we took about 3½ hours playing it. We had a lot of things to talk about like the new Kriza wich has him wanting to play some Nomads :)

You'll get me next time, Jens.

After the game we ate Bison Burgers and Freedom Sticks (really big and chunky french fries)

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