Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Onyx power

Combined Army
VS Yu Jing
Mikis Tikis

I start playing after winning the will roll. The enemy deployed very defensive for fear of my fireteam so I advance the Rodok Hacker, on the right flank, to try to get to the tag control area and try to put some mine, near the enemy zone, but receives a shot of Yojimbo, who manages to dodge and puts himself in a safe zone without being able to get close enough to the tag.
On the other flank advanced the fireteam duo of Suryats without exposing themselves to the enemy's total reaction. Finally knowing that I will not be able to kill any enemy, Ikadron and the linkteam.

My first round summary

Enemy first turn:
The enemy revealed to Shinobu and with surprise shot, tried to kill the Rodok without success, for fear of a reactive mine, decided to go for the total reaction, but a bad calculation in the distance would cost the life to the ninja.
Then the remote with holoprojector would kill the Rodok

The enemy TAG manages to kill my unidron sniper. An important death
Yojimbo faces Suryat and loses

Second Turn:
I advanced the repeater Ikadron until I could immobilize the TAG with the hacker. Once the TAG is immobilized. the Suryat empties its HMG into Japanese scrap

The enemy tries to kill the Suryat of the HMG but only gets to make a wound

Last Turn:
With the TAG out of the game, it was time to massacre the enemy:

Final result 7-1. Only 3 deaths in my army that add 58 points, another hard defeat of the Japanese that will have them away from Wotan for a while.

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