Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Fall of Gorgos

VS PanOceania
Paladin Zebra

July 11th

Have you ever set up for a game, got your mission picked and list built and then realize everything is going to be terrible?
BioTechVore with no cover in the middle of the map is a tricky thing. I won the initiative roll this game, and chose to get deployment due to the map being really hard to get out of the 16" zone. I was given first turn with the blessing of -2 orders, which took my orders down to 8 this game. The PanO deployment was looking quite sparse, so I figured something had to be up, it wasn't till the third turn that I learned that there we're two Santiago knights hiding of board. Luckily they failed the roll, and ended up in deployment. The Gorgos this game didn't feel all that helpful, but my opponent told me he feared it quite a bit and he had to play too carefully around it, this was the first time he has died under my command though sadly. Neema did her usual thing hoping around dodging stuff, eventually was still killed. The left triad did most of the real meat of the plays, both secret ops and finishing off the surprise Santiago knights.

Gorgos is the only one who made it up in the middle, other two were sniped by Fusiliers
Neema dodging around as she tends to do, took down the sepulcher knight as well
left side of getting out of the vore, Triad was mvp this game, dog managed to tank the vore hit, and Kerail picked up a kill
Sukeul back from killing the Santiagos who stumbled in on the third turn

The game ended with a Tohaa victory, I got both secret ops, opponent got either one or none done.

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