Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

They knew we we coming!

Combined Army
VS Nomads

Kornak double timed to keep up with his Sogarats in the cramped tunnels leading to the main control center of the Exo Affairs Department Orbase. There wasn’t time! This section needed to get locked down before the humans produced a sizeable show of force. The slave drone could barely keep up, slithering down the corridor.

Kornak makes his way down the corridor.

The rodoks ran up the left flank, outside the tunnel system. The plan was simple: Surround the humans in the tunnels, and let the crossfire sort them out. Little did they know, the humans of the Nomad nation were already aware of their presence…
The rodoks rounded the corner, right into the sights of members from the Nomad Bakunin sect. They had a large, squat TAG, coded Lizard, with them. The rodok leader made a gesture to stop his troops. He edged around the corner, and fired at the TAG on full auto with an HMG. The Lizard staggered under the weight of the projectiles, and momentarily fell dormant until an engineer bot rewired the power cells. Back up, it strode forward, laying down its own hail of heavy projectiles. As it closed with the rodoks, it engulfed them in flames. Only a few were able to jump free, while the others were consumed.

The Lizard engulfs the rodoks with flames.

Kornak heard the screams in his comms. The Sogarat ahead of him was about to engage a heavily armored human female. “Quickly!”, he yelled. The Sogarat fired enough punishing rounds to drop her, then they sprinted of the corridor to engage the Lizard. This time, the armor penetrating rounds left nothing for the engineer to salvage.

The Lizard is brought low by the Sogarat.

The remaining rodoks managed to inoculate an Exo Affairs Officer with a comms toxin before heading into the tunnels. Immediately upon entering, the rodok hacker’s head started to shake violently, then exploded. His smoking body fell in a heap next to his remaining comrades.

The rodoks are pinned down in the corridor.

The tunnels were suddenly obscured with smoke, and the team was hit with a savage chained projectile meant for maximum damage. The lead rodok was cut in two. Only one member remained, hunkered down behind some crates. A few Nomads came into his view, and he fired his boarding shotgun, in vain. The team had been compromised before the mission even began.

Kornak makes his move, but it is too late.

Kornak and his team attempted to move further into the tunnels, but there was no time. He had failed to clear the main control center, and enemy reinforcements were on their way. He seethed with anger. Failure was not something he was used to.

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