Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Nomads the odds, the MAF fights on.

Combined Army
VS Nomads

Kornak climbed the substructure in the cavernous laboratory bay of the TSD, flanked by his honor guard of Sogarats. They had boarded the vessel using Exrah stealth tech, affixing to the hull, creating a void seal, and cutting their way through.
He was not typically suited for covert missions, but he had been tasked for infiltration of the Indra-3 Mobase. Three sensitive pieces of equipment had been taken from a recent expedition into EI space, and they need to be returned at all costs.
They were not alone in the area. Humans of the Nomad nation were busy in the area. Taking advantage of their attention on the lab, Kornak struck. Open targets were found, and the Sogarat opened up with the HMG. Although fire was exchanged, the firing lanes were cleared long enough for the rodoks to leap out, and pry open the tech coffin. Inside, an ancient, living tablet was encased in a crate. A paramedic shouldered his boarding shotgun, and hoisted it. They started to move back into cover, while Kornak and his honor guard provided covering fire.

Kornak and honor guard provide covering fire to the crate carrying rodoks

Like a stirred up hive of nettlewasps, the Nomads regrouped, and went on the offensive. Across the distance, the area under a bridge was engulfed in smoke. Suddenly, shots come out of the smoke, forcing Korank and the Sogarats to react. To their right, a member wielding a heavy machine gun stood up from an elevated position, and hosed Kornak and his team with projectiles. Both took wounds and were forced prone. With their covering fire removed, the Nomads were able to advance and pick off the rodoks, each defending the paramedic with their lives.

Kornak is forced prone under heavy fire.

After the smoke cleared, only two rodoks remained, and the paramedic was down. Another paramedic leapt across enemy fire to stim his squadmate, who still had the crate. They pushed up against the wall, shoulder to shoulder, ready to fie upon any poor soul that rounded the corner.

The rodoks, battered and bloody, are ready for anything.
The Nomad secures a crate!

Meanwhile, a trooper jumped in to the center of the room, but was picked off in the air. They landed poorly, with a crack, and stopped moving. Another nomad dashed though the other Sogarat’s field of fire to retrieve the other crate, then dashed to a building. He was rewarded with a wound, but the nearby doctor was able to heal.
With one tech coffin remaining, both teams try to cover the center. Kornak and his team could not be dislodged, taking exceptional fire but remained steadfast. The Nomads managed to grab the crate under horrendous fire. The alarm had been raised. Kornak was then forced to depart with only one tablet, fuming over his defeat.

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