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Von Mackensen

-- Urgent News cast: ALEPH assault Live from Don Peyote Sub-sector 7 --

This is war correspondent Jamie Mendoza reporting live from Don Peyote following task force Gravity from the Nomad joint command to intercept an intruding enemy force on nomad sovereign territory.

The force has just made contact with two unidentified AI beacons... apparently human manufacture, so we might be seing an undercover operation by Aleph here...

Nomad deployment zone

-- Backgound Explosions --

DAMN!! A nearby nomad remote just blew up by my side. There are explosions everywhere in the vicinities! The forward minefield deployed by the nomad joint force seems to be being deactivated one by one by enemy hostiles. From my position I can see several enemy snipers on the roof ahead, they look blurry, probably using TO camo. But worry not spectator, our trusty aerocam can see in a huge array of spectrums so you don't lose any of the acti... OH MY GOD!!! IT HURTS!!! THIS MOTHERF***ER JUST SHOOT ME IN THE ARM. OH MY GOD. I'M A JOURNALIST YOU FU***R!!! THIS IS AGAINST THE CONCILIUM CONVENTION!!!

-- nearby shots --

Dear viewers, i'm down to the ground. I can't get my head out. Whoever is performing this operation sure doesn't want anyone to know. I'm going to get my aerocam to do a turnaround around the enemy building and see if we can get a closer look.

-- Aleph intrusion on Don Peyote --

From the cam position I can see what appear to be Dakini bots? Sybila can you confirm? Yeah, apparently dakini bots and myrmidons seem to be on Don Peyote. However there is no episode of Myrmidon Wars scheduled for today and... is that Penthesilea I see there? The amazoness herself is riding to the nomad front at high speed!

-- background cries --

Oh my god, ladies and gentleman, Lt Morales, the interventor leading the nomad forces just fell to the ground, eyes and ears bleeding! This is a complete assault we're witnessing here on both a physical and data sphere.

Nomad forces appear to be in disarray after losing their lieutenant, but still looks like some want to go forward and punch the enemy in the face.

Look at this, a bunch of Pupniks just jumped over the building on top of Penthesilea, ouch... that must hurt! Oh god, that's gruesome... She surely won't be back for next week's episode of Myrmidon Wars.

The contents ahead are not suitable for minor audiences

Seems like the nomad mechanised division is moving to seize control of the enemy AI beacons in order to prevent enemy communications. However heavy sniper fire is limiting nomad movement in the field.

Lunokhods are being downed by enemy fire

It seems like the Pupniks are closing in into the enemy snipers positions, oh... there they go.
Their controller and the enemy sniper just exchanged fire... is that nanopulser fire? it seems both contendents are taking extreme measures here and violating international treaties using banned ammunition.

After the smoke settles both the enemy sniper and the pupniks seem to be roasted...
Oh wait wait, seems like Aleph is advancing again!!

-- Live: Aleph and Nomads using illegal weaponry inside Don Peyote --

I can see the Myrmidons advancing from here and what seems to be a heavy infantry... looks like a post-human proxy?

Oh, the Myrmidon is down. Nomads are holding the centerline...

However the AI is not fazed. They are bringing the big guns! Asura's are coming in breaking the nomad centerline defense. I just saw a nomad Intruder been shot down from my position... it looks like they are coming close.

-- Live: Morans and Morlocks try to stall the enemy heavy infantry to no avail --

I just saw a Tsyklon remote being inutilized nearby. Some nomad rescue team just popped out of the blue to give engineering assistance but seems the damage was beyond repair and the Asura didn't give the nomad response team much chance to repair anything else as he was shot dead on spot.

The nomad Lizard is advancing on the flanks and has managed to kill some of the enemy snipers but the heavy supression fire is making it difficult to advance to safety... aaaand... there it goes in a big ball of fire... this is a massacre ladies and gentleman. The nomads are standing no chance against Aleph aspects... oh shit, shit shit, they are coming for me again...

Jamie Mendoza out!!

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