Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Homecoming Aborted

VS Combined Army

One last game before going home.. unfortunately it all went like hell for most of the boys, only a few escaped the wrath of the space monkeys.


My opponent chose deployment, and made me deploy first. I did, and ended it by deploying my 4 Inferior Infiltrators. What could go wrong I thought, at least one or two will get in.. Not this time though, all of them failed ending up like cheerleaders on the back line.

Ariadna Turn 1:

The hulking Black Jack went forth and shot one of the only Morats peeking out overlooking the field, a Sugarat AP HMG, after an intense firefight the Black Jack stood victorious, though battle scarred.

Near the Sugarat was a Dr. Worm remote, sacrificing her life, a lone Chasseur jumped into a big group of space monkeys, sacrificing herself but taking away the chance of a revive for the CA.

A Foxtrot got an easy job, with a high value target in front of him, scoring an easy Hidden Objective.

Combined Army Turn 1:

Since the Dr. Worm remote was gone, the Sugarat tried reviving himself, this didn't go as planned and he died painfully.

A Yaogat with spitfire went on a rampage through the Ariadna lines, first killing a Chasseur, then a Tankhunter. Of course with the dirty smoke MSV2 trick that is so popular by more cowardice factions than Ariadna.

Another Yaogat, this one with a Feuerbach took out our beloved Cateran, making him explode

The Combined Army moved forward.

Ariadna Turn 2:

The Black Jack suicided by going up against a Feuerbach, and after that it all went to hell.

Everything else failed hard, dice being against us again.

Combined Army Turn 2:

The Spitfire Yaogat went on a killing spree, succesfully sending my army into retreat.

We misunderstood the rules, thinking the game would end once I had retreated my soldiers. This lead the game to end 4-2 to the CA.

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