Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Another Clash with the Military Orders at Raxora!

Yu Jing
Gerozilla Lee
VS PanOceania

Agent Feng led an investigation team which following the patterns of the Military Orders led us to find them and fight them, the ulterior motive for such a suicidal mission was to secure data and intel of Agent Gerozilla Lee.

The Mission has been a Failure however as the Military orders proved too strong for the Judicial Watch, nonetheless securing their console and antennas for a while gave us a solid lead of Lee's location, it all checks out and with due process and negotiation with the Hexas we can make a claim that Agent Lee is safe, and most likely at the Exo Affairs orbital base, Father Knight Luis Joey is not well versed in the intelligence aspects of war as much as he is on the battle itself, we lost many good troopers in the skirmish and hopefully their sacrifice has not been in vain.

Turn -1 We seized the Initiative

Crane Agent Hacker, Judicial Watch Bao, Sophos and her yudbot take hold in the east building.
Judicial Watch Bao, along with Husong Remote and Chaiyi hold the west building!
Ninja Infiltrates near the enemy Console!
Kan Ren Officer threatens the East Building console!
Agent Feng joins the Bao Troops along with his madtraps, before advancing through the west building, capturing the console.

Seizing the Initiative, Agent Feng lost no time in moving through the west building, capturing the antenna and engaging Joan of Arc in Combat, wounding her severely, he set up his Mad Traps at the door and entered suppresive fire.

On the West Building things were less smooth, our Kan Ren Advanced against the Magister Knight Linkteam, which delayed their aro, but it was too late for the Holo Echos had taken position and took no further action.

The he attacked them with his Combi Rifle, and did not manage to survive the engage as he was filled with about six rounds of Panzerfaust rockets and exploded into a gory mess and fine red mist.

Our Crane Agent Lieutenant used his order to open fire upon the Magister Knights, targeting the leader of the Link, however 1 vs 5 are terrible odds, nonetheless he wounded the leader and managed to withstand their retaliation!

Agent Feng Captures the Antenna, gaining momentary access to the Military Orders network, enough time for the Pheasant to retrieve information of Lee's whereabouts.
Crane Agent Lieutenant Exhanges Fire...
...With the Magister Knight Fireteam

Turn 1 - The Military Orders Retaliate!

Our Husong Yaokong Remote had Taken a new position to fire from prior to this turn.

Crusader Brethren, Alias Oscar Perez infiltrated our left flank, and his advance was ruthless taking with him a couple of Bao Troopers before being subdued momentarily by the Flash Pulse of our Chaiyi.

On the east Building, the Crane Agent along with a Bao and Sophos engage fire with the fireteam magister, however our Lieutenant was Shot down, his command given directly to Feng, the Bao did not manage to survive the onslaught and neither the yudbot, sophos however stood strong against their actions.

A couple of Infiltrated Order Sargeants appeared in the central building, one capture the antenna and headed onwards to our console, while the other took down our Husong Yaokong thanks to his TO, surprise shot and range dominance.

He then shot down one of the madtraps protecting Agent Feng and the entrance to the building, he also shot down agent Feng whose consiousness was delivered safely to our database in the Consulate, thanks to sophos expertise in Lhost Migration.

Their Spec Ops succesfully cured Joan D Arc, and with their final action the order sargeant and Joan of Arc entered suppresive fire, awaiting our Disposable asset.

Yaokong Remote in a new position.
Oscar Perez' Onslaught!
Order Sargeants secure central Antenna and Proceed to our console.
Order Sargeant secures our Console.

Turn 2- Final Actions of our Forces.

We couldn't do much, with only a rogue operative and sophos still standing, Sophos exited the building moving her yudbot beside the Fallen Bao and attempted to heal him back, however the crusader's shotgun blast caught both of them and felled them both for good, sophos was not lucky either as a couple of panzerfaust rockets pierced her body and exploded, her backup consciousness worked through the deadly process to recapture her consciousness in miliseconds.

Our Ninja Moved up to the enemy console and secured it, before she was shot down by the Order Sargeant and Joan of Arc

Ninja Secures the enemy console before being brought low, extracting further info on Lee's condition and location.
Order Sargeant captures our console.
Magister Knight Fireteam Secures East Building antenna.

Turn - 2 Military Orders seize control of their antennas.

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