Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Unauthorized Operation ID 550-683

Functionary Mal
VS Combined Army

Unauthorized Operation ID 550-683

Situation Report. Wotan Gate

Authorization Code: KAB*%437AHBB7AL14^%f#^98…ERROR…ERROR…ERROR

As the situation around the Wotan Gate grows even more dangerous, and the cost of failure rises ever higher, Functionary Mal has combined his remaining forces into a single taskforce, the Shaheed. With the assistance of High Functionary Solomon and Chandra operative Thueros MR-255, the functionary has been ordered to defend the Echo Mobase at all costs. But with the arrival of the Raxora, Functionary Mal’s attention is drawn towards the Assault Carrier and the enemies within.

The Shaheed taskforce is trapped. After a devastating loss at the hands of Commander kchau, Functionary Mal and his troops are facing the hard truth that they will likely not survive this invasion. However this doesn’t hinder their assault, as they move to attack the Combined Army warrior, Commander Lohdroz.

Unauthorized Operation Log ID 550-683

[This transmission was broadcast over unsecured channels during the last days of Operation: Wotan. The source of the transmission was identified as the Combined Army ship Raxora, and was sent without any authorization code or verification number. The validity of this report has been called into question and is currently under investigation.]

I don’t know if anyone will listen to this log, or believe the information presented within, but I feel compelled to create a record of it regardless. We have just concluded a successful assault of Commander Lohdroz, and have gained a stronger foothold to strike at the Combined again. Due to the urgency of this situation, this report in going to be abbreviated to include only the most relevant details.

Armies and Deployment:

Initiative Win: Functionary Mal
Turn Order: Lohdroz, acting first
Deployment: Functionary Mal, deploying second

Round 1 Assault:

The Combined Army began their assault by taking control of the centermost console and sending a Daturazi to attack the nearby Posthuman Mk.5 Proxy. Unwilling to engage the enemy in direct combat, our Posthuman fired a nanopulser, knocking the Daturazi unconscious and sustaining a wound in the process. This did not prove fatal, however.

The enemy then advanced a unit under a massive TO camouflage field. Intelligence immediately suggested that this was a Sphinx. Likewise the enemy began laying down significant defenses near the antennae to prevent ALEPH forces from seizing these key objectives.

When our forces were able to retaliate, the Mk.5 Proxy began by killing the unconscious Daturazi as part of our ongoing effort to deprive the enemy of their forces. A Deva spitfire unit then began opening fire on the enemy, revealing the camouflaged unit as an Anathematic hacker, not a Sphinx as previously assumed. During this exchange the Deva was injured, but managed to wound the Anathematic before falling back. This allowed our Naga killer hacker to reveal himself and use the Trinity program to kill the Anathematic. A careful advance by the Naga also secured an antenna for ALEPH, while midfield, the Naga minelayer was attacking the enemy Zerat, killing it, but dying to an activated antipersonnel mine in the process.

Round 2 Security:

As the Combined continued to advance, more of our forces were killed or disabled, however we were able to prevent them from capturing any additional antennae during this time.

At the same time, ALEPH forces prioritized killing enemy specialists, with our Naga hacker sacrificing itself to kill the enemy FO. The Charontid successfully kept one of our flanks pinned down, so an Ekdromos assault hacker was deployed to try and handle the situation, however the Ekdromos was unable to disable the nearby Q-drone, preventing any further advance on the Charontid.

The preparation for a final push took the form of our Myrmidon Officer entering the central room and preparing to secure the central antenna before making a push on the enemy console.

Round 3 Desperation:

However, the Combined clearly saw through this plan, and successfully killed the already injured Myrmidon Officer and the Ekdromos hacker, removing any easy way to the antennae. Finally, the enemy secured a second antenna, giving them greater control for the time.

With no clear way to win without capturing an antenna from the Combined, the Posthuman Mk.1 hacker was sent forward to sacrifice itself in order to capture the least secure antenna from the Combined. Despite fire from multiple angles including a Q-drone assault, the Mk.1 successfully reached the antenna and activated it, giving control to ALEPH.


Lohdroz: 1 objective points, 165 army points remaining
Functionary Mal: 7 objective point, 160 army points remaining

The data recovered from these antennae has so far proven difficult to parse, however it is my hope that others will be willing to examine it, and that something may hopefully be learned from this attack. I cannot pretend that this is some altruistic sacrifice we are making. I asked these aspects to follow me because I wanted to prove a point, because I wanted to win against an unbeaten enemy. It was a selfish reason, and I admit that fully, but I give this information freely, in the hope that it will somehow repay whatever debt my actions have accrued.

[Chandra operative Thueros MR-255 participated in this mission and survived, earning 4XP.]

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